Classical music and its history

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Classical music has a rich history that extends back to the Middle Ages.

Mozart, like other classical composers, made significant contributions to the development of classical music, particularly through the usage of C minor and D minor in some of his works such as Don Giovanni and The Magic Flute.

The following research paper compares two Mozart songs, Don Giovanni and Magic Flute, by highlighting some of the contributions each song contributed to the development of classical music.


A brief history about Amadeus Mozart;

Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27th, 1756 and died on December 5th, 1791.

He was recognized as one of the greatest composers of classical music in the history of western music.

Mozart with Haydn and Beethoven brought classical music to its heights in the achievement of the Viennese Classical School.

Unlike other musical composers, Amadeus Mozart wrote all the musical genres of his day and excelled in all.

Amadeus Mozart taste, command of form, as well as his range of expression, made him the most universal of all the musical composers.

Brief history and analysis of Don Giovanni by Mozart

This song was an example of comic opera, which was popular during the Enlightenment.

The middle-class audience loved this song since it was entertaining.

The song centers on the dubious adventures of the legendary nobleman Don Giovanni, who traveled through Spain seducing women.

Don Giovanni is protected by his wealth and power from facing the consequences of his deeds, but one day he committed murder that led to his downfall.

Don and Donna are not names as depicted in the song, but they are aristocratic titles that correspond to Lord and Lady

Analysis of Don Giovanni based on:

Relationships or patterns in the music,

• Changes in key,

• Theoretical principles,

• Historical performance standards.

Brief history and analysis of Magic Flute by Mozart

The song focuses on the triumph of reason and virtue over evil and irrationality.

This concept was vital in Freemasonry (a fraternal order that was prevalent during the enlightenment and Mozart was a member).

This song borrows symbolism from Masonic rituals in which the members developed through self-understanding for knowledge.

The song is set in Egypt and centers around Tamino who is a young prince that has a quest to win the hand of a princess named Pamina.

To marry Pamina, one had to undergo a series of rites that tests one’s dedication to reason.

The mood of the Magic Flute is solemn.

Analysis for Magic Flute based on:

• Relationships or patterns in the music,

• Changes in key,

• Theoretical principles,

• Historical performance standards.

Comparison between Don Giovanni and Magic Flute

Both the songs are classified under classical songs

Both of these songs have been composed by the same artist and have the same mood

Both of these songs were written during the Enlightenment times

Both of these songs were done using Minor keys


Classical music has developed over years of Mozart being an iconic composer

Just like other Mozart songs, Don Giovanni and Magic Flute was composed in the enlightenment period and has the following:

Composed by the same artist

Both the songs were done in solemn mood

Both of the song uses minor keys


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April 13, 2023


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