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Today, there are a plethora of authors and poets. Since writing is a part of everyone's academic life, surveys have shown the many ways in which people write. Although they strive to complete their assignments, the writing forms used differ (Zhao 62). One may be familiar with certain abilities but not with the various styles of writers available. The patchwork editor, diver, artist, and grand design writers are among these authors.

Architect authors comprehend and develop a proper document structure. Such an author undertakes proper planning for every step taken at a later time by writing down simple notes that form the headings for the journal. He or she makes lists of tasks to accomplish before commencing the final paper. It is like constructing a house and having all the designs ready and checking before even placing any nails (Day 12). The writer can just come up with a proper coursework because of the accurate and well-planned ideas of how to begin writing. They use appropriate diagrams or plans that illustrate an outline of the work and how it will appear at the end.

The diver writer does not follow any set plan or structure. The reason for this is to find out if one is going in the right direction through determining what is required in the paper as he writes along. To write correctly, the person prefers to dive into the work and coming up with good ideas during the process. It does not matter the structure, he or she may begin one section first, and later place it in any part of the final paper. Hence, forming a strong argument of the final paper slowly.

Patchwork writers prefer to create suitable headings of the final paper. They use these titles to come up with incredible ideas for making the paper creative and appealing at the same time. It is these thoughts that form the sections of the work (Day 12). At this stage, the structure of the paper regarding argumentative nature is still not clear. Therefore, to improve on this and find a clear view of the arguments, the writer decides to put together these sections by finding the ones that connect with others. It is also at this point that the author decides on the parts that do not fit even though they are strong and leaves them out.

Grand Plan writers do some planning. They think that reading contents from books or other sources then making suitable notes is an effective way of producing credible papers. After getting every relevant detail, the writer has a clear plan of how to structure and write the paper (Day 12). Now it is time to work. It becomes easy for such a writer to do the job because the points just flow smoothly and link. The final paper is always what the author writes since he or she does lengthy readings just to come up with the complete and relevant notes necessary for completion of the work.


Most writers or author are aware of the different ways of writing they engage in but do not know what type of writer categories they belong. There are four types of writers including Divers, Grand Plan, Patchwork, and Architect writers. Understanding these categories helps a person in handling different papers.

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November 03, 2022

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