Cloud Computing Advantages and Disadvantages

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Cloud computing has evolved over the past years with businesses of all forms taking advantage of this technological innovation. Even though cloud computing is undeniably helpful for small scale to big corporations, it does have its negative aspects.


Cost Efficient: Cloud computing has become the most economical technique to employ, maintain and upgrade. The method, as compared to conventional strategies, is accessible at less expensive charges and therefore, can substantially reduce the organization’s IT expenditures (Avram, 2014).

Backup and Restore: Considering that all the data is saved in the cloud, backing it up as well as recovering it is comparatively easier compared to storing it on a physical gadget.

Easy Access to Information: The moment one registers in the cloud, he/she can access the data online from any location; this convenient element enables one to move beyond issues related to geographic locations and time-zones (Avram, 2014).


Vulnerable to Attack: Storing data in the cloud could expose the firm to risks of external cyber threats and attacks (Almorsy, Grundy, & Müller, 2016).

Technical Difficulties: Although it is a fact that information on the cloud may be accessed at any time and from any location, this system can occasionally feature several major malfunctions. One ought to be conscious of the fact that this concept is always susceptible to failures along with other technical problems.

Security in the Cloud: Ahead of utilizing this technology, one should realize that he/she will be giving up all the organization’s confidential information to a cloud provider which may potentially put the company at risk (Almorsy, Grundy, & Müller, 2016).


Similar to everything else, cloud computing has also its benefits and drawbacks. Even though the technological innovation has proven to be a significant resource to various enterprises, it could additionally bring about harm if not comprehended and employed appropriately.


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Avram, M. G. (2014). Advantages and challenges of adopting cloud computing from an enterprise perspective. Procedia Technology, 12, 529-534.

September 11, 2023
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