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Death: An Unavoidable Fate

Death is a fate that all individuals share, regardless of their skin color, religion, or geographical place of origin. It is an unavoidable fact of life for all humans and other living species. The mere concept of death or dying makes individuals fearful.

Reincarnation: Life After Death

When people die, I believe their souls are frequently converted from one form of existence to another. This is known as reincarnation. It is a fundamental tenet of many religions, including Hinduism and Christianity. It is the notion that there is always life after death (Withnall, 2015). Even Jesus Christ reincarnated three days after death. Life after death is what gives people hope to continue living even in times of trouble (Valea). There is a promise of a better life and a living paradise after death. I believe that after people die, they begin life as different people in different places. The type of life people experience in the afterlife relies on their deeds in the previous life. Those who lived a righteous life have a promise of a better living after death while those who were evil are condemned to eternal suffering (Valea).

A Deeper Understanding of Death for Helping Professionals

Helping professionals must always have a better understanding of death because they are charged with the responsibility of assisting bereaved people to cope with the loss of loved ones. If they have a good knowledge of death, they will be able to pass it on to those seeking their assistance.

Grief and Bereavement: Building Strength

I believe that grief and bereavement, though being bad experiences, make us better and stronger people. They give people the strength to deal with future challenges. How people cope with death and grief relies on the relationship they shared with the deceased (MedicineNet).

The Mystery of Death

The concept of death is often crowded in mystery. Regardless of the available religious explanation and research that attempt to explain this mystery, it is still as confusing as ever. Even people within the same religious leaning have different opinions about dying and death.


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