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Both large and small businesses need effective communication since it supports the smooth operation of both. Additionally, communication aids a business in achieving its objectives. Consequently, it is important to have a solid communication plan that includes both internal and external communication. Only a carefully thought-out communication plan can enable effective communication. Additionally, the business can employ efficient communication to address both internal and external problems. We will carefully and in-depth evaluate Apple Inc.'s communication approach in this case study.

Johnson (2012) explains how Apple Inc. has used creative communication to address problems with its reputation and consumer happiness. The main reasonJohnson (2012)holds that position is because Apple Inc. has a communication strategy that allows for integrated public relations efforts of donors, the media, the government as well as the corporate. The second reason Johnson (2012) holds that position is because the communication network of the organization ensures that every person in the organization is at par and has the same views and story for the organization. This involves the staff, the volunteers and the board of the organization. The third reason is because the communication strategy ensures there are positive results achieved that propel the organization toward achievement of its set goals and objectives.

In addition, the communication strategy of Apple Inc. enables direct communication which encourages creative thinking on ways to handle and overcome old challenges. It further allows for the effective and efficient use of the scarce resources of the organization. It further imposes clear thinking and discipline on the importance of the organization pursuing particular communication initiatives. The communication strategy of Apple Inc. also ensures that the activities of the organization are focused where the greatest probability of success exists (Johnson, 2012).

Basically, the communication strategy of Apple Inc. is a combination of e-communication, direct marketing, press strategy of communication and internal surveys. In addition to this, the strategies aim to include the investors of Apple in discussions and also meetings held to prepare the future of the organization. This enables the investors to express their opinions and concerns to make Apple be more competitive and continue with production of excellent goods for constant financial growth. This strategy further enables the organization to explain clearly the decisions and resolutions bringing about communication concerns resulting from the need to maintain customers’ confidence in products by Apple.

Analysis of the communication strategy

The communication strategy of Apple Inc. also involves customers in the communication process. They provide platforms such as social media, customer care numbers and time to time survey to get feedback on their products. In addition, they use a variety of strategies such as interpersonal media, apple officials, apple management, and relations personnel to attain and retain potential customers(Chikhale, 2015). This, in turn, has impacted the sales of their product to a great extent and the sales are always on an upward trend. The wide market that uses products by apple including businesses that operate with computers, owners of electronics, students, and teachers all rely on communication to entice them to buy the products(Johnson, 2012). The quality of communication determines whether a customer will purchase a device or not. Due to this reason, apple has capitalized and concentrated on communication to customers to increase their sales.

The communication strategy further impacts the services delivery of the organization. Adequate communication through various avenues available ensures that the services are top notch. Any dissatisfaction can be addressed easily, also any orders and deliveries can be made on time. The strategy also allows for continuous improvement. Through the communication channels, customers and investors can be able to tell areas in which they feel improvement is needed. Employees can also share suggestions and ideas on what can be done to make the origination more competitive. Moreover, the production department can be impacted directly by the communication strategy. The easy communication with investors, customers, and staff can be a good source of information on market needs and where a niche exist in the market (Johnson, 2012). Hence through communication, they can produce goods geared towards meeting the needs of the market.

The communication process of apple Inc. has faced a potential problem of revealing too much information that may not be good due to its effects on the investors and the competitors. For instance, the issue of the ill health of the CEO was made public hence investors had concerns about the future of the organization and their money. They were worried about the continuity of the organization and the effects on financial success by the health of the CEO. The issue also affected the customer confidence in the organization(Chikhale, 2015). The problem can be solved by an effective management that will ensure only the necessary information reaches the public and reestablish the image as well as maintain investors’ will further ensure its ability to resolve communication concerns.

The strategy can easily be integrated into the organization I earlier worked for to improve its operations by allowing for more channels of communication such as e-communication and marketing communication. Integrating the strategy will help the organization improve its sales, improve its public image and deliver quality services to the customers(Chikhale, 2015).

In conclusion, the Apple Inc. has a perfect communication strategy that assists the organization to maintain an integrated public relations, ensures everyone is on the same page, ensures positive results, encourages creative thinking and ensure effective use of the limited resources. In addition, the strategy has a direct impact on sales, services and value chain. However, the organization faces the potential problem of revealing too much information which is dangerous to the organization and can only be solved by an effective management.


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March 02, 2023

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