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Tec republic is a firm mostly concerned with technology. Virtualization, data replication, and cloud computing are all topics covered by Tech Republic. There are a variety of issues that may affect the information technology department of the Tech Republic firm. Certain tactics must be implemented by technology in order to deal with the challenges that face information technology.

The biggest issue confronting the tech republic is obsolescence. This is the updating of information technology, such as windows. They always have a life expectancy of five years. Some input was used to manufacture the outmoded equipment. The company incur a lot of the cost to produce these appliances and therefore there need to have a mechanism that is aimed to reduce the cost so as to reduce the loss due to wastage. In the long run the company invest in their money to produce those machines.

There should be set guidelines that are targeted to reduce this cost(Booth, 2008). The company can employ a strategy to always provide a strategy that is aimed at producing the required goods that are able to be disseminated in due time so that there are very few computers that are there to either need to be upgraded or that can be obsolete

Data storage and retrieval is a challenge that is majorly affecting the information system. There has been challenges with the data storage and retrieval. Tech republic has been holding a lot of data about its operation and the data about the employees and the stock. It has been a challenge in updating and retrieving the specific data that is needed at a particular time. This is as result of large data storage which makes it very slow to retrieve the data and obtain the required portion of the data.

The tech company need to have the data in tables that are linked so that each of the table content is linked with the other tables and hence there is easy retrieval as the needed data is directly obtained from the server and the retrieving of the information becomes simple and easy(Glen, 2007). Linking of the cells that contain the data is the only sure way that can make these large system data storage to have little retrieval time.

Mobile generation is another challenge that is currently affecting the tech republic. There are some mobiles that have market according to the season. There are some mobiles that are manufactured and then they fail to go through the world martet due to low demand as result of seasonal changes. These mobile generation actually last for a very little period of time. Tech produce them in large quantities and therefore most of them are left in the store. These might go to waste when they expire due to low demand and very few orders. Tech republic should initiate the programs that enables them to get the exact number of the mobiles that are required in the market(Hardiman, 2014). This will able them to produce only the required number of the mobiles that are needed and therefore reduces the number of the phones that go to waste reducing the cost that is spend during production.

Marketing is another challenge that is affecting the tech republic. There has been challenge in the marketing the information system in the information technology. There has been decrease in the marketing of the information systems and therefore few appliances and bookings are made. This reduces the amount of the sales that are made per unit volume of all the sales made(Sisco, 2002). The tech republic need to implement a strategy that will increase the sales made so as the company enjoys the benefits and the proper running of the company is attained.


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May 17, 2023


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