Comparison of Google and Bing

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Different search engines and their preferences

Different search engines face different preferences from the users. Google is the commonly used search engine due to its friendly application as the google platform is not complex and one can directly search what they want with ease. Both google and search engines were employed to assess the keywords, “impact of cloud computing technologies business.” Fortunately, with the same highlights seeking to explore 3 ways in which cloud computing affect business, both search engines presented the same information. However, the difference was noted in the manner in which different highlights is presented. Google displayed the highlights in order of preferences having the most visited highlight at the top and the rest follows with the same trend ("3 Ways Cloud Computing Affects Business"). On the other hand, displayed the highlights at random leaving the searcher to choose their preference. The information regarding this search was obtained from the link,

Cloud computing and its functionality

The site describes cloud computing as a network computing on a large scale which depend on the servers that are distributed all over the internet. Cloud computing’s interface runs on browsers in different platforms and devices such as local workstations, tablets, and smartphones. It can provide various functionality like those of LAN based APP ("3 Ways Cloud Computing Affects Business"). Therefore, there are many benefits realized from cloud computing in business. The website indicated the following pros from the use of cloud computing:

Faster communication

Faster communication is recognized since affordable and improved communication is offered by cloud computing. Enhancement in communication with more options can be supportive in easing the move to a devolved model which is becoming renowned to many companies (Faynberg, et al.). An example of cloud computing applications used is the video conferencing where even remote employees can be accessed with ease.

Ease of access to data and projects

Another benefit of cloud computing to business is the ease of access to data, projects, and therefore, professionals do not have to carry a full suite of important applications in their personal devices (Faynberg, et al.).

Secure collaboration

Cloud computing has also led to secure collaboration in business since it places the accountability of advancements on the cloud software vendor increasing efficacy on the technical support.

Reply to the Classmate’s Post

Communication through different technologies is vital for business’ success based on the current trend in technology. The post proves to me that businesses that do not embrace technological changes are likely to be dragged behind economically and socially. Cloud computing being my research is an example of technologies that enhance communication in business, thus, I agree with this post.

Works Cited

"3 Ways Cloud Computing Affects Business." Villanova University,

Faynberg, Igor, et al. Cloud Computing: Business Trends and Technologies. 2016.

September 11, 2023

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