Comparison of Performance Management Software

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The research and investigation on a significant HRM (Human resource management) program identified three major performance management software suppliers. These include cornerstone, Bridge and SABA. The decision matrix created using seven important criteria is used to determine which software supplier is reliable and most appropriate to buy from. These criteria are the price; the cost of implementing HR software varies depending on the number of consumers or the size of the company. Additionally, it varies with the value of goods being executed and the interest of an organization. For example, the bridge firm has a stable turnover of pricing value but experienced a severe loss hence a decline in costs. However, the organization continues to survive due to long-term support from the American parent organization. SABA has better pricing value as compared to cornerstone and Bridge.

Second, financial stability; SABA software meets the constant demands of a company because it is highly customizable with financial stability due to support from the American parent firm Inc. Nonetheless, the daughter firm Bridge does not have sufficient profits to prove its economic instability. Cornerstone limited is the least profitable organization due to the adverse loss in profits ($ 8M). Consequently, its inability for gains makes the organization more unstable and unsuitable for the shareholders and a result, SABA serves as the most stable and trustworthy company as compared to cornerstones and Bridge. Saba company has a constant pricing value with increasing profits due to its dedication on creating management software, thus the best choice for consumers. However, cornerstone limited has the least advantage due to its poor pricing values and the inability for benefits

Based on the integration into the university’s existing system, SABA software plan is an all-around set that will assist the university in appraising performance, aligning objectives and enhancing workforce performance. Additionally, SABA provides a library of assessments that will help workers in evaluating their performances and enabling the university to control and resolve performance concerns. Cornerstone provides better training assignment devices. Subsequently, as a highly flexible software, Bridge ensures the performance roles are configured.

Based on reliability, SABA is considered a unified platform which is highly scalable for larger institutions such as universities because it is capable of integrating its goals and performance. Moreover, SABA is more flexible to adapt to variations in the firm, and it offers the most significant cloud safety standards for securing data and limiting information accessibility to legalized consumers on a 24/7 basis. SABA is highly configured with a robust safety system thus supports over 2200 staffs.

On portability, Human resource (HR) software is more efficient as the chief administrator, and the end consumers can access it from their mobile tools and computers. Bridge, cornerstone, and SABA offer their users with various portals that consumers can design and get direct access to the software. Furthermore, they provide the highest cloud safety standards.

On the ease of functionality, performance, and quality, SABA software is rated 100% thus serves as the leading on performance management systems. SABA software significantly promotes various talent management functions such as performance and training because it is mobile-friendly and has the highest cloud safety standards. Cornerstone limited is second with a rating of 99%. Moreover, it handles the instructor-led learning and might review the previous year objectives for evaluation and next year goals for significant education and planning. Nonetheless, Bridge software is considered more accurate and reliable in tracking progress and provides different exciting elements. As a result, SABA is more effective, secure and dependable than cornerstone and Bridge software.

Last, based on the timeframe of implementation where the period for execution relies on the size of an organization, resource availability, elements to be implemented, and a feedback group. The application varies with the value of procedures and forms required to be automated by the company. Majority of software systems frequently work on an 8-12-week timeframe to effectively implement the modern performance management software in the company. For SABA, the duration for implementation might be as lower as 4-5 weeks, and for college, SABA can work with eight weeks’ program. Bridge and cornerstone software might take more time to implement in the college since their target audiences are used for smaller and medium-sized firms.

SABA software is the most considered for Brighton university primarily due to its capability and flexibility of serving many larger institutions. Furthermore, SABA is an extensive software with the promising national and international marketplace platforms with more than 200 firms already in use of the program. For instance, LinkedIn and Adobe companies use SABA software with over 30 million consumers. Additionally, SABA is economically friendly since consumers have the ease of access of workday API with no additional prices. SABA software is characterized by short timeframes of implementation and serves larger companies in various sectors such as financial services healthcare, airlines, and logistics, thus makes it more suitable for Brighton university. Therefore, SABA software is the most appropriate for the University of Brighton.

January 19, 2024


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