Comparison of Windows and Linux Operating Systems

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Linux can become a serious competitor to windows. With the rising needs for having a secure operating system that is free from malware, spyware and viruses, people will adopt the use of Linux and their preferred operating system (Yaqoob 448). More business around the world have automated their processes, and they use a computer to perform most of the tasks. Hence, data has become a very critical element in the running of businesses. The current Windows operating systems are vulnerable to attack which pose a threat to the data that most organizations handle. Considering that some still use the old versions of windows operating the system such as Windows Vista, Windows XP and such, failure to upgrade increases the risks they will be having. The cost of purchasing a Windows OS for computers can be costly for organizations too. Most of the version of Linux is free and secure which can be convincing hence when organizations around the world will adapt to use Linux, then it will be a serious competitor to Windows OS. 

To the contrary, Linux seems it will not be a serious competitor to windows anytime soon. One of the reasons this is so is because most of the people are taught to use windows as their first operating system. Complexity in using Linux will be another factor that will prevent Linux from being a serious competitor to Windows OS. Windows is easy to use for most of the users while Linux is used by people who have experience in using the OS or in doing complex IT tasks.

What are the predictions about Linux use?

One of the prediction is the increase in the number of Linux users due to its domination in IoT (Dupont 2). The future of technology now has been stated will be on IoT, and when more people research and innovate on this domain, they will need to use Linux. The second prediction is that more Linux laptops are set to hit the market (Sneddon, “8 Crazy Linux Predictions for 2018”). Joey indicates that world-renowned manufactures have started launching laptops with various version of Linux and this will be good news to Linux enthusiasts.

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September 11, 2023


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