Conflict Management: Alternative Ways of Conflict Resolution

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The most widely used conflict resolution method is negotiation. However, it sometimes appears to be ineffective, calling for people to seek other ways to resolve disputes, alternative dispute resolution methods ("ADR Types & Benefits - alternative_dispute_resolution," n.d.). Nowadays, many individuals and companies favor alternative approaches, and the most commonly used ones are described beneath. Mediation is a form of informal litigation in which an autonomous mediator brings together the opposing parties of the conflict for a discussion and helps them by controlling the conversation. This technique is effective because the parties involved reach an agreement by themselves without any pressure from any other side ("ADR Types & Benefits - alternative_dispute_resolution," n.d.).

Arbitration as a conflict resolution method where an arbitral panel appointed by each of the conflicting parties gets the opportunity to regulate the conflict process and in turn makes the final verdict in a written form ("ADR Types & Benefits - alternative_dispute_resolution," n.d.).

Alternative dispute resolution is used extensively right from individual levels to organizations. They prefer alternative conflict resolution because it allows the parties to move away from courtroom crowding and complicated processes, high costs, and delays that come with the court processes regarding conflict resolution ("ADR Types & Benefits - alternative_dispute_resolution," n.d.). Also, the decisions that come with the alternative dispute resolution stand and do not get challenged by the public court of law ("ADR Types & Benefits - alternative_dispute_resolution," n.d.).

To sum up, the effectiveness of the alternative dispute resolution methods is the reason the people prefer them to the negotiation method. Alternative dispute resolutions allow disputing parties to solve their differences in a more flexible manner, having control of the process, hence, creating more practical solutions to their problems.


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October 12, 2022

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