Connecting the Dots: Essentials of Computer Networking

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Computer network entails a set of computers, which are interconnected together in order to share resources (CISCO). Within a network, a single computer is referred to as a node. The connection of two or more nodes can form a wireless or a wired network. A wired network involves connecting the nodes via cabling, most commonly through Ethernet cable. On the other hand, in a wireless network, nodes are connected wirelessly via radio waves. Through such connections, computers are able to share resources such as the internet, file servers, as well as shared printers. For a computer network to be achieved, there various components that must be included. The components are classified into two categories, which are hardware and software. The hardware components include Network Interface Card (NIC), hub, switch, router, modem, and cable.

Hardware Components

A NIC is a device that enables a computer to send information into the air in case of a wireless network or into network cables when a wired network is being used. A hub is device that separates a network into several nodes and thus it acts as distribution center. A switch can be referred as a smart hub since it has the capability to pass information to the right destination. That is, unlike a hub, a switch does not broadcast information received to whole network as it checks to which port the information should be sent. A router are smart switches that are used to connect to one Local Area Network (LAN) to another (CISCO). A router has the capability to assign IP addresses. Cables are crucial in a network as they are used to connect various nodes in a computer. Modulator/Demodulator or Modem enables devices to be connected to the internet.

Software Component

Other than hardware, a computer network also comprises of software component. Software acts as the intelligence that instructs how other network components, highlighted components, operate together. A typical software in a computer network employs what is referred to as the TCP/IP protocol.

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