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Due to the rise in many young writers all over the world, an application known as WordPress has been developed to enhance the skills and careers of the young writers.  The aftermath of its development is as a result of that fact that the application is useful in providing a platform for writers who write about various topics including people’s lifestyles, current news, sports, entertainment, health and fitness, education and even construction and production.

                          According to Sabin-Wilson(2013), the application development is created to enhance the technology-driven environment in the world where it has a wide variety of consumers. The target consumer includes various bloggers, large companies such as CNN and people from all age group. This is based on the fact that, there is any information designed to impress various target market. It is available for download in google play store, windows store and even apple store for free download and, its availability is on the internet for to a search for it, which has an automatic pop out. As a consumer, it has helped me to be updated with current news, and follow other bloggers who interest me for tips on fashion and various information.


                   The site was officially opened for consumers to use on August 8, 2005, and thirteen years later there are over 77 million new posts and42.7 a million comments published monthly. It is usually free for new users, and one can upgrade to VIP for services and advertising. One is not required to have an account to comment or read blogs. It is estimated more than 30% of internet bloggers use WordPress (Langer). Some of the clients include CBS, BBC, SONY.


                     It was born out of a desire for an elegant, well-architectured personal publishing system built on PHP and MySQL and licensed under GPL. And due to this, the application has undergone many changes along as it tries to cope with the technologically driven environment.  The application was later launched in 2001, and those who took part in its commission includes, Michel Valdrighi, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little who were able to lay their expertise in creating it. Furthermore, the plug-in was introduced in 2004 and later on in the year 2005 it was tested, and people were able to use it over the years as the updates and maintenance are performed while the introduction of new features are adopted within the systems of the application to ensure that they merge with the current technology.


             WordPress is easily accessed by people who have access to smartphones, tablets, computers and even tablets. It can be downloaded from the internet or used directly on the internet. It can also be downloaded from play stores, window stores, and even Apple stores. It is free to download and install it. Also, it is easy to use.


                       Its consumption is required by various people including bloggers, major companies such as CNN, and also people who like to write and share articles. In here, multiple people read the materials and the criticize and give their input on matters in question.


                      In my conclusion, WordPress should be embraced and used by various people as the articles and information posted can be useful to all works of people and enables people to gain knowledge on various matters. It is easy to use as one has to have internet connectivity to access WordPress.

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November 24, 2023
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