Content Marketing Strategy for MeStyle Collections

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MeStyle Collections is a start-up fashion retail firm that sells shoes, clothing, along with accessories for men, women, and children. At MeStyle Collections, customers are subjected to the most recent global trend from all over the world and a remarkable assortment to select from; all which are sold at affordable rates in a top-class shopping setting. MeStyle Collections retails its products of in-house designs as well as organised colour palettes for any time of the year. Every season, the enterprise introduces a new variety of global designs exclusively tailored to the target customers. The company adapts to the ever-changing demands of the consumers each time of the year and appropriately features unique designs.

Mission and Purpose of the Company

The primary business and passion of MeStyle Collections are mainly lifestyle merchandising. The organisation's mission is to be the top neighbourhood and small-town retail store committed to providing popular brand name clothing with outstanding service and value. The company's purpose is to develop a strong emotional connection with the shoppers. To achieve this, the company has to create lifestyle settings that appeal sentimentally and provide updated fashion merchandise on time. The buyers are the inspiration and purpose for everything the firm does.

Key goals to be addressed with the content marketing strategy

Before the outset of the content marketing strategy, the corporation must establish the objectives by ensuring that the firm precisely understands what it wants to accomplish. It is crucial for the organisation to listen and get in touch with the target market on a regular basis (Alhabash et al. 285). The general aim of social networking is to get people engaged since the involvement is going to bring about a desired result or action. The desired result for a buyer may be a purchase of the service or product or a good suggestion for another person. The attainable content

marketing goals of MeStyle Collections include:

Brand Awareness: Social media marketing is mostly the most powerful approaches to create brand awareness as well as loyalty with customers and this is at the top of the firm's goal list in this overcrowded marketplace.

Engagement: Social media marketing is most effective when it is met with a high degree of involvement. The buyers have a demand and are going to engage with the organisation's brand and content provided that it assists in solving their problems or satisfying their needs.

Social Media Engagement: The content production of the firm should certainly not be restricted to their blog. MeStyle Collections ought to be producing content that develops a community around their brand. The shareability of the firm's content makes it possible for it to be naturally positioned in front of individuals that usually do not know that the brand exists and each of these new customers has the prospect of becoming the brand's new preferred client.

Soft Influential Marketing:

Social media marketing allows the MeStyle Collections to be viewed as an influencer to a level that rivals may start to benchmark them. Regularity in the content marketing offers the company the potency of something known as “Soft Influential Promoting” (Alhabash et al. 288). Through the employment of a robust social media marketing plan, the firm's position itself as an influencer through the creation of attractive content which appeals to the customers.

Customer Acquisition:

The corporation has to convince and encourage customers to purchase the products it sells, and content marketing can reach to a large group of clients in a day. The cost linked to the significant customer acquisition practice is a crucial assessment for the company to gauge in conjunction with the amount of value each buyer generally brings to the enterprise.

Measurement of the Content Marketing Goals

Michaelidou et al. (2011) suggest that measuring content marketing goals is an imperative exercise. What the company measures is essential since without a viewpoint, the evaluations are of no importance, and without distinct organisation objectives, the metrics are useless. If a parameter is vital to the corporation's well-being, and if it conveys how effectively the organisational goals are being addressed, then it is a key performance indicator (KPI) (Michaelidou et al. 1155). The major platforms that will be used in the social media marketing include Tweeter, Facebook, and Instagram and for the company to determine whether the stated goals are being attained, it has to utilise analytic tools (Goeldi 14). Both Facebook and Instagram have their insight applications. Most social networking channels have the same analytic tools for measuring the performance of content. Comments, likes, shares, engagement, as well as general reach, are the well-known systems of measurement.

Facebook quantitates the performance of posts by engagement and reach. Engagement refers to comments, likes, and clicks for a single post while reach signifies the number of distinct accounts which have viewed the post. With the insights, the company will be able to measure the performance, consumer engagement, brand awareness along with information such as the differences in paid as well as organic likes and post reaches. Moreover, the firm can determine the best periods for engaging the clients. Posts may be additionally evaluated by clicking the desired content. A different tab opens showing comprehensive data as well as analytics on the particular post.

Instagram measures the performance of posts by engagement, reach and impressions. Engagement refers to the comments and likes the post acquires, reach signifies the number of distinct accounts that have viewed the posted content, and impressions indicate the total instances the posted content has been viewed. The user interface of Instagram is less complicated as compared to Facebook. Whenever a video or photograph is posted, the corporation will be able to see the metrics directly from the insights-hyperlink affixed to the post.

Statement of Intent

Through a proper content marketing plan, MeStyle Collections intends to actively engage local fashion enthusiasts and create a national brand which offers growth prospects for the corporation along with its personnel while at the same time accomplishing its goals of becoming the top value fashion store.

Target Market

MeStyle Collections' target market involves individuals that are style-conscious and ranging between the age of 18 to 35, just like Virginia (Appendix 1). MeStyle Collections value the demographic for their high predilection for brand identity along with their comparatively high disposable earnings. This class is categorised as Millennials who account for about 29 percent of the total population in the UK, or approximately 16.2 million people. As shown in figure 1, their dominant social media channel includes Facebook and Instagram.

Figure 1: Media usage of the target customers. Source: (Verboord 478)

The primary interests of MeStyle Collections clients, as established through research include:

Apparel and Fashion




Food and Drink

Famous People


Recreational Activities


Primary Topics to Cover

            The main topics and subjects that the will be highlighted in the content marketing are going to focus on fashion trends and styles majorly. Furthermore, it will be an educative platform to inform and recommend fashion enthusiasts on what to wear for a particular season or situation. The primary topics include:  

Best ways to shop on a budget.

What to wear to school/university/job interview.

Fitness/ active day outfit.

What to pack for a winter/summer holiday

Season and Holidays Wish-List

For MeStyle Collections to expand its customer base, it has to introduce a different and unique product such as athletic wear and hire a celebrity, fashion icon or a model to showcase the clothing. The approach will help in targeting the 'Athleisure' segment, i.e., individuals who dress in sportswear in non-sporting occasions.

Content Formats

Texts, videos, and photographs display realistic information that market a product or service. The two content formats along with texts are going to be the foundation of the social media marketing strategy for MeStyle Collections. Videos and photographs show customers the items they are going to buy. Textual content informs them of the reason they have to purchase them (Okazaki, Shintaro, and Charles 62). The text is not just essential for search engine optimisation applications such as having Google to look for the enterprise’s site, or for customers to find it on social networking platforms; it highlights the little details which market the clothing. Most of what individuals experience today comes through the world-wide-web, such as precisely what pushes them to experience or feel something out in the real world or to purchase a product.

Well-created videos and photographs offer MeStyle Collections the opportunity to connect and interact with their clientele on a new level. Additionally, the visual content stimulates the customers to share with other people. The company can take advantage of this phenomenon to get the word know about their brand effortlessly. Lastly, Videos and photographs are the most convenient way of showing the heart of the company (Okazaki, Shintaro, and Charles 66). Customers today use the web to create snap judgments with regards to brands by a series of brief interactions.

Channel Plan

The social media marketing strategy is going to concentrate on high target audience engagement as well as quality content, and this will be accomplished through constant visual updates on the social media platforms about the latest trends in the fashion industry (as shown in the social media calendar (Appendix 2). The firm will stretch its associations with local fashion influencers to facilitate the marketing of the brand.

In the marketing calendar (Appendix 2), the firm will exceed the standard marketing through hourly and daily Instagram and Facebook updates. Additionally, it is going to have an active social media presence as well as blog centred on the lifestyle the company is selling. Through the daily updates and uploads, MeStyle Collections will be a hub of knowledge and information for the fashion, art, and style of their target customers.

Being familiar with the lifestyle of the clients will obtain their trust and turn them into long-term customers hence engagement will be a top priority. The firm will always interact with the customers to create greater customer loyalty through the provision of exciting and unique textual and visual content (Chu 33). Furthermore, the marketing strategy will involve fashion tips and exclusive interviews which is going to encourage customers to go to the firm's internet components, even if their fashion price range is maxed out.

SEO Key Terms

One of the standard SEO concepts is the utilisation of long-tail key terms before short-tails (Van Looy, 115). There are significantly fewer levels of competition for long-tail keywords since they indicate the motive that drives the search more plainly. Additionally, they are more probable to attract a customer thus leading to sales. A search term such as “men’s jacket” is not likely to get the brand on the first page of Google. On the contrary, “men’s black leather jacket with hood” is going to be of more significant assistance to the company. Other key words include:

Men’s trendy wear

Trendy for winter

Kid’s trendy wear

Trendy for Summer

Women’s trendy wear

Trendy wear for any event

Children’s wear for any occasion

Content Guidelines

Effective social media marketing has to be more than an assortment of features. The firm may have an interesting blog, great photographs as well as fascinating behind-the-scenes intel. However, all these elements have to fuse together as a component of a coherent social media marketing tactic. The textual and visual contents are going to highlight the allure of a specific product or collection with attractive item information. They will be linked into different lifestyle features of the organisation’s brand, for example, informal summer/winter parties with friends/family, evenings around town in luxurious dining establishments, or stylish travel sites.

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Appendix 1: Persona Board

Virginia is a 22-year-old girl and comes from an affluent home but still lives with her parents. Her hobbies include swimming, fashion blogging, hanging out with friends and social networking. Virginia has a strong sense of fashion and the funds to pay for it. Being an only child in a prosperous family, Virginia's degree of disposable revenue makes it possible for her to have a great deal of preferences and selections in her style and fashion spending. Based on her interests, Virginia does not merely focus on high quality, albeit she indeed expects it for the value she is spending on, she gives high attention to the best when it comes to the style of fashion and label. Furthermore, Virginia has an old-fashioned streak and loves classy appearances but only if she is kept up to date to reflect the most recent trends of fashion along with designer labels. Her main items include casual boots, fitted tops, coats, mufflers as well as swimwear.

Figure 2: Virginia's Fashion Style

Appendix 2: Social Media Calendar Schedule

Social Media Calendar Schedule









Posting updates on the latest fashion trends

Posting pictures about the most recent items delivered in the stores.

Posting updates on the latest fashion trends

Providing recommendations on different fashion styles for different personalities

Posting updates on the latest fashion trends

Posting pictures about the most recent items delivered in the stores.

Providing professional recommendation about how to dress for work or school.


Posting pictures about the latest items delivered in the stores.

Posting pictures of celebrity styles and comparing them with the items in the store

Posting pictures about the latest clothing delivered in the stores.

Posting pictures about different fashion styles for different personalities

Posting updates on the latest fashion trends

Posting updates on the latest fashion trends

Posting pictures about how to start the week with style

Table 1: Content Marketing Calendar

September 18, 2023



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