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Contentious Issues in the US

As far as free speech is concerned, the U.S. position is a matter of debate. In the US constitution, only a few issues such as child pornography, slander, and obscenity, incitement to violence, and threats of violence are forbidden. Otherwise, if they wish, persons will openly speak about it. That's why certain media sources, such as Charlie Hebdo Magazine, chat frankly about blasphemous subjects. Also, the address of the speaker seems disrespectful, despite the given video. As a consequence, the audiences of such speeches feel humiliated and even retaliate. The assault on Charlie Hebdo was, for example, told by its material. Based on the impacts free speech can have on others, a limit should be set. As much as the constitution and the court rulings uphold only some topics, the speaker should always consider his or her respondents. In so doing, people will express themselves freely and without offending others. Such limits should be included in future amendments so that a speaker's speech is judged by his or her immediate environment (Melissa, 2015).

Gun Control Advocates vs. Other Groups
Due to increase mass killings of students, there is an increased controversy in the gun ownership topic. As usual, the gun control advocates have been at loggerheads with legislative bodies like the National Rifle Association. Both sides have had its staunch supporters. The two groups have differed in nearly everything. However, with the increasing misuse of firearms, probably for the first time they will have a common ground (Melissa, 2015).
The daily killing of innocent students at the various schools has to make gun owners reconsider their decision. In as much as being a gun owner is somehow enough to protect oneself, it could also be true that some only own guns with evil intentions. Attacks are made by an individual or at most three people. Thus, to avert this mass kissing, the supporters of N.R.A and the gun control advocates should work together to make sure that at least those who own guns are worth it.

Melissa, B. (2015). Probing Question: Are there limits to freedom of speech? Retrieved from limits-freedom-speech

August 09, 2021

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