Countercultures and subcultures in the U.S

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Globally, people have habits and standards in their cultures that they obey. They serve as a reference to the different tasks they conduct. In a specific region, the established values make up the culture of the people. For example, among people in the US, there are many cultures that describe their beliefs, values, and practices that are mostly active in society. A subculture is a community of people who differ from those of the wider mainstream culture in some of their values, but still uphold some principles of the more general mainstream culture in society. Counter culture is people who behaviors and norms are different from those of the broader mainstream culture, but they also maintain some principles of the more general mainstream culture in the society. Counter culture is people who behaviors and norms are different from those of the society. Counterculture example is the youth in the society who reject the dominant practices and values in the community (Brake, 2013).

The LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender) movement is one of the fascinating subcultures in the US, the members carry out and also advocate for these activities in the society. The broader mainstream culture in the US is against the activities and campaign against them as they are seen as social evils. However, the group follows other behaviors and norms in the US society (Brake, 2013).

Historically, an excellent example of the counter-culture in the US is the Hippie group which had significant differences in the broader culture in the country. The group of youth were against the nuclear weapons and the Vietnam War, rejected the established institutions and always criticized the common values. However, the group advocated for sexual liberation, use of drugs such as the psychedelic drugs as they believed they expanded one's mind, were vegetarian and eco-friendly. The groups' norms and behaviors had variance with the culture in the society (MacFarlane, 2006).

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