County Schools Partnership

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The values that guide an organization's everyday decision-making

The values that guide an organization's everyday decision-making are defined by its code of ethics. It provides guidance on how to deal with challenges, adhere to standards, and uphold an organization's or person's ethical beliefs, which aids employees and professionals in conducting business honestly and reasonably (Henderson 19).

Counties schools partnership

Counties schools partnership, according to Institute of Local Governance, aims to improve the situation of children, families, and communities at the local level by fostering coordination, integration, and increased effectiveness of local services as well as joint use of facilities between counties schools and other stakeholders. County schools have faith in the power of partnerships to transform the educational landscape and achieve student achievement. County schools partnerships are designed to offer support, services, and prospects to enhance student's education, better families, and healthier societies. Schools play a crucial role in preparing students to enter into various fields to provide labor. Therefore, developing significant partnerships is essential as it helps to meet the multiple needs of the schools, students, parents, local authorities, and the community at large (Henderson 31).

County schools partnerships improve student accomplishment

County schools partnerships improve student accomplishment, expand learning, improve student self-confidence, and boost student's assurance of securing employment opportunities after graduation. The overall benefit of a well-developed partnership is in promoting productive relationships with schools, which plays a crucial role in enhancing the school image. For instance, by conspicuously displaying an organization name and logo at school events, it would indicate an active business contribution to the promotion of education in the community.

The code of ethics of the county schools partnership agency

The code of ethics of the county schools partnership agency covers conflict of interest, agency opportunities, gifts, obligations on confidential information, ownership of agency intellectual property rights, and fair dealing.

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest: Employees and stakeholders of the county schools partnership agency are obligated to carry themselves ethically and honestly to avoid both actual and apparent conflict of interest. Board members and selected employees should make financial disclosures on an annual basis. Moreover, covered persons should not act or conduct themselves in a manner that conflicts with agency values and interests.

County Schools Partnership Agency Opportunities

County Schools Partnership Agency Opportunities: Board members and employees are banned from using agency resources or their position for individual gain, competing with the agency or taking agency opportunities for oneself. The covered persons should not act to disadvantage the agency fund, county schools or other partner's accounts by individually taking advantage of the partnership opportunity.

Gifts and entertainment

Gifts and entertainment: The goal of the agency is to prevent employees and board members from offering special favors to the providers of the gifts in relation to activities of the agency. An official of the agency should not ask for any gifts, entertainment or any item irrespective of its value. Nevertheless, an official can accept gifts under certain authorized situations.

Political Contribution

Political Contribution: Election and local government laws restrict companies from contributing to fund political campaigns or a candidate. In regards to these laws, the agency does not support or contribute to funding political campaigns or candidates where set laws make such contributions illegal. Even for the employees of the county school partnership, they should not use company resources or offer such contributions without acknowledgment of the agency.

Confidential Information

Confidential Information: The employees and staff of the agency should uphold the confidentiality of the information entrusted to them concerning their roles within the agency, with exception of the authorized or legally instructed disclosure.

Fair Dealing

Fair Dealing: Board members and employees should strive to impartially deal with stakeholders of the agency. They should desist from taking undue advantage of anyone in their any undertaking while working for the agency.

Ownership of Agency Intellectual Property Rights

Ownership of Agency Intellectual Property Rights: The agency owns all intellectual property in all partial or finished works, reports, and partnership deeds drawn or created by its official while working for the agency.

Works Cited

Henderson, Anne T. Beyond the bake sale: The essential guide to family-school partnerships. The New Press, 2007.

March 15, 2023

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