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Proctor & Gamble and Crest Toothpaste

Proctor & Gamble manufactures the Crest toothpaste brand. It comes in five varieties: toothpaste, mouthwash, white strips, sensitivity, and kids. It is also available in the following forms: gel, liquid gel, paste special flavors, strips, and zero alcohols. Crest Sensi, 3Dwhite, Crest Complete, and Crest Pro-Health are some of the most popular collections. Crest claims to eliminate gingivitis and plaque for healthy gums, as well as to strengthen enamel and whiten teeth.

Market Position and Competitors

Crest 3D White is the most popular brand, with a retail price of $6.99. Crest 3D White's dollar sales were $236.8 million, whereas Crest's were $108.1 million (""Leading Toothpaste Brands In The United States 2017 | Statistic""). P&G, the parent company, has a 33% market share in the U.S toothpaste market. Crest has two main competitors; Sensodyne by GSK whose sales were $187.7 million seeing its market share increase by 6%. Colgate Palmolive with its brands Colgate Total, Colgate, Colgate Optic White, and Colgate Max Fresh. In the toothpaste market, customers are raising concerns over tooth sensitivity, and this is behind the growth in Crest 3D white and Sensodyne brands. Another trend is towards premium packaging as the demand for targeted oral care products. Packaging is becoming a differentiator in the highly competitive market and Crest where brands seek to create the position of a premium product (Nguyen). For instance, the cartons are shiny, and tubes made of laminate material are softer and do not lose shape with increased use during brushing (Elliot). 

Target Market

Crest target market includes kids from age 6-16, young adults aged 18-34, adults aged 35-49, and the 50+ years bracket. For the kids, the crest toothpaste features cartoon logos from Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars. The focus is to address tooth decay, the most prevalent condition among children, which causes pain and sleep loss. The aim is to target mothers to purchase Crest toothpaste for the kids with the promise of preventing cavities. The young adults are image conscious and understand the importance of maintaining healthy white teeth and fresh breath. Also, they are digitally savvy and are likely to shop online, and Crest offers an online website. Furthermore, among this age group, there is increased focus on tooth sensitivity, and the Crest range of products is made to alleviate tooth sensitivity.

Adults and 50+ Years Target Market

Adults (35-49) with an average income higher than $65,000 aim to get strong teeth and prevent plaque and tartar. These customers are demanding targeted oral care products that address their needs for white teeth, and they are willing to pay a premium price for a high quality product. For the above 50 years, the customers seek protection from tooth sensitivity and plaque bacteria and keep teeth healthy in efforts to reduce visits to the dentists. 

Crest's Positioning and Differentiation

Crest positions itself as a value toothpaste that provides the benefits of protection against cavities, polishing away of surface stains, and fights tartar. It provides the guarantee of keeping sensitive teeth smiling and has the backing of dentists for keeping teeth healthy. The high quality and reliability have enabled the company builds brand equity among consumers. It is not a “me too” imitator given that it has a 60-year history of fighting cavities and giving families healthy and beautiful smiles. Its differentiation from other products comes from the fact that it offers at least eight benefits that address common dental problems; gingivitis, sensitivity, tartar, acid erosion, bad breath, plaque, and stained teeth. There is also a lot of innovation leading to the development of various categories such as gels, pastes, and stripes to cater for all customers.

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