Crew Resource Management

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There are a number of factors Crew Resource Management that affects service delivery, either positively or negatively. Behavioral markers are set of behaviors that are used to determine performance levels (Flin, Rhona, and Lynne Martin 96)

Positive event

At one particular time when during a flight, upon boarding one of the passengers felt uncomfortable due to failing health. Having being trained on first aid, two colleagues and I rushed to the patient's seat and helped administer simple first aid treatment while coordinated with the other crew members on the routing the flight to the nearest airport for the passenger to get medical attention.

The holistic approach to training meant that one being on the crew team is able to maneuver through the situations as the case of having first aid knowledge to handle the situation. The development of the training manual helps integrate different components that may be integral to reducing errors which could be avoided.

Negative Event

At one particular time, we were in the hunker and there were some knowledge gaps that we required to understand, but the team leader felt we were asking lots of questions that were unnecessary. However much our inquisitive bit was drawn by the quest to know more, it became more of a bother, thus creating a knowledge gap

Having regular training would be a positive addition to help address the negative effect that resulted from the negative event. Having CRM training is an essential component that if all personnel is brought on board, ranging from Flight Attendants to Aircraft dispatchers, Maintenance personnel, the adverse effects of an emergency landing. Through having the soft-skills on how to react to situations from all staffs, it becomes easier to create a positive impact on the profession when it comes to matters of emergency services (Flin, Rhona, and Lynne Martin 108). The training could help create a positive attitude towards juniors thus fostering teamwork.

Works Cited

Flin, Rhona, and Lynne Martin. "Behavioral markers for crew resource management: A review of current practice." The International Journal of Aviation Psychology 11.1 (2001): 95-118.

October 24, 2023


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