Criminal Justice Research Essay

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Criminal justice is a crucial component of society, responsible for upholding societal order by punishing offenders and reducing crime. (DeJong, George and Christopher). In the past, men and criminality went hand in hand. But in today's culture, it's common to see women involved in crime. Due to biological differences in the human body, males and women commit different kinds of crimes. In contrast to women, males have the ability to commit violent crimes because of their masculinity. Men are at ease using force to subdue their victims, which leads to violent offenses like burglary. Therefore, the violent nature of crimes is more common with men as opposed to women. Men conduct crimes in groups as opposed to women. Some of the crimes carried out by men involve very high risks. Working in groups presents greater chances for successful crimes.

On the other hand, women take part in crimes with small risks. Such involve prostitution, forgery of documents and petty theft. These offenses present low risks for the women making it unnecessary for them to go in huge number. Therefore, the amount of risk involved in a crime is a huge distinguishing factor between the nature of the offenses conducted by both men and women. The crimes done by men are repetitive. Men tend to undertake long careers in crime as compared to women. For men, crime becomes their source of livelihood leading to long years in the practice (DeJong, George and Christopher). For women, crime is a mostly on rare occasions to supply the domestic needs of the home. Apart from prostitution, it is tough for women to take part in an active crime for long. Therefore, the crimes conducted by men as violent, performed in groups and might turn into a career in the practice.

Triggers of Crime

The biological differences between men and women are one of the primary reasons explaining the difference in crimes between men and women (DeJong, George and Christopher). Naturally, the masculinity of men makes them prefer violent crimes due to the abilities of their bodies to withstand the violence. Women are less masculine as compared to men. Therefore, the chance of subduing their victims is lower. More so, men are violent. Men express most of their feelings through violence. On the other hand, women tend to be more emotional. The expression of their frustrations is emotionally through actions such as crying. Therefore, the biological aspect of their bodies in less masculinity and emotional aspect create a huge difference with the male counterparts. Women prefer petty theft and forgery of documents due to the lower risks and the less likelihood of encountering violence.

Apart from the biological aspect, the role of men and women in the social setting determines the type of crime both male and female criminals undertake. Men provide for the whole family. Therefore, when the only source of cash is the crime, men are likely to use all the available methods to get the money. For women, especially those involved in crimes such as prostitution, the desire to provide basic needs for the family is the reason behind the offence. Therefore, men are more likely to undertake criminal activities to support their families. For women, the crime might not take long due to their minimal needs and support from the male figures in their lives. More so, men are tactical criminals (DeJong, George and Christopher). Men prefer using the least amount of time possible in executing a crime hence the use of groups in crime. For women, their crime does not necessitate the use of gangs such as in prostitution. Therefore, female gangs rare as compared to male.

Work Cited

DeJong, Christina, George Cole, and Christopher E. Smith. The American system of criminal justice. Australia: Wadsworth, 2014. Print.

July 15, 2023

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