Culture in Modern Society

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The Relationship Between Culture and Interpersonal Relationships

The social behavior or conventions of individuals or groups within a community are referred to as culture, and they can differ in terms of beliefs, practices, or artistic expression.

An interpersonal relationship is a long-term or temporary close interaction or acquaintance between individuals or groups who have the same mentality.

There is a strong connection between culture and interpersonal interactions since one of the key factors in fostering strong interpersonal ties is culture.

People with similar social habits, customs, beliefs or attitudes towards a particular issue can get along easily since they tend to have common views, objectives or have a common understanding thus, establishing compatibility and this strengthens the relationships.

An example to show this is like when two people have the passion for driving, they will have a lot to talk about and inform each other leading to them spending more time together thus, getting to know each other more and forming strong relationship ties (Berscheid, & Regan, 2016).

The Role of Culture in Supporting Interpersonal Relationships

When people have a similar culture towards something, a sense of understanding develops which prevents irrational behavior or conflict when one party does something wrong, and also they can support each in their endeavors, and this promotes stronger relationship ties.

When business people are in a partnership, and one of them makes a decision to venture into a new business venture, the other partners will support him because they all have a common goal of making more money and profits for themselves (Berscheid, & Regan, 2016).

The Importance of Culture in Communication within Interpersonal Relationships

The similarity in culture also promotes communication between parties in a relationship, thus helping them to deliver what they want or feel in a relationship successfully.

For most interpersonal relationships to be fruitful and long term, communication is important as the individuals get to interact and talk expressing their views or opinions.

People with a culture of expressing their feelings to the other parties have strong interpersonal relationships.

When one party has something affecting them positively or negatively, communication helps bring understanding between them, thus enabling them to solve problems them (DeVito, 2015).

Poor communication between parties brings misunderstandings or arguments that may cause relationships to break.

The Role of Culture in Fostering Friendships

People have different cultures, and most of them like to understand and experience the different cultures within the society.

Through experiencing the different cultures, the people can establish friendships, and other relationship ties so different cultures foster friendships.

An example like when people from the various ethnic groups or races intermarry like Asians and Americans, they get to experience their partner’s cultures and appreciate them, and this brings the people together despite having originated from different parts with different cultures (Heine, 2015).

The Sense of Belonging in Interpersonal Relationships Based on Culture

People with similar cultures develop a sense of belonging since they can identify with people who possess similar behavior, beliefs or culture thus, developing stronger relationship ties.

Through having a similar culture, people get united under one aspect such as race in new environments. (Jackson-Dwyer, 2013).


In conclusion, it is evident that there exists a close relationship between culture and interpersonal relationships whether the people share a common or different culture.

Culture forms compatibility among the members develops a sense of understanding and belonging, and communication and all these aspects help strengthen the relationship ties of individuals whether emotionally or physically.


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April 13, 2023

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