Customer Loyalty and Market Demand

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Steps to ensure that padded armrests are ethically produced. Gaining customer loyalty and market demand is anchored on the production of high-quality goods and services. To ensure that the padded armrest for aircraft produced from Bangladesh are ethically produced, the following steps should be undertaken;

Ethically produced products have labels of FAIRTRADE mark. Before purchasing any item from the company, it is often advisable to consider checking the Fairtrade labels. This label contains critical information on how the products were produced alongside its sustainability. The second critical step is checking the Company Transparency. The transparency reports often contain vital information about the audit and openness of the company. It is sensitive to understand that any company which makes it hard for their customers to find information about where they source materials and who makes their products does not comply with the ethical standards of production. Meanwhile, the companies which uphold ethics and integrity in production will be proud to give all detailed information about their products.

Sustainability sourcing is another vital practice in manufacturing firms. Change in sustainability sourcing may have a negative impact on customer loyalty. This may contribute to a decline in sales. To ensure that your products are sustainability sourced, the following steps should be undertaken;

Check for the company's transparency information. The companies should have nothing to hide to the customers. In case the customers are hiding some pivotal information, it is therefore evident that the raw materials are not sourced from the right place. Fairtrade certification is also another crucial document for the manufacturing firms. Fairtrade certified companies would have to comply with all the factory standard requirements. Lastly, the use of environmental impacts like raw materials and carbon footprints will help to enhance sustainability sourcing.


Kotabe, M., & Murray, J. Y. (2004). Global sourcing strategy and sustainable competitive advantage. Industrial marketing management, 33(1), 7-14.

October 24, 2023

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