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Customers have different tastes and preferences when it comes to products and services. When it comes to the academic arena, some students prefer to study in Kuwait while others abroad. Studying both abroad and in Kuwait serve the same need which is to earn a degree. However, there are differences between these two academic systems.

Living expenses

Living expenses like apartment rent and food may be expensive abroad compared to Kuwait, so a consideration of such is of importance as studying in Kuwait is more economical. Staying in your home town gets one's transport covered. However, when living abroad, one has to pay for transport, whether for using public transportation or renting a car. Also, fees for university abroad may be higher than in Kuwait. On the diversity of courses being offered, a student is offered a variety of disciplines to select from in universities abroad unlike in Kuwait. Additionally, in Kuwait students can enter into programs freely but, some programs abroad require students to take a foundation year. More to the foundation year relies on the student's English level; students might or not enroll in English Language course whether abroad or in Kuwait. In addition, before the student starts the program, there are certain exams important to take on specific dates to ascertain the level of the student.

Duration of programs

There is a difference in duration of foundation programs in both like the lengths of semesters and their close and start dates. However, the duration for courses may differ, which mean that studying abroad may take shorter periods, but studying in Kuwait might take longer period. For example, while in Kuwait engineering courses might take four years, it might long in many countries abroad, and some might even go to even five years. In short, despite studying in Kuwait and abroad serve similar purpose, there are a number of differences that one should take into consideration when making a decision on whether to study abroad or locally, so in my view, one has to decide on where to study.

August 21, 2023

Business Sociology

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Customer Service

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