Dead Man At Grandview

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According to the script

Abbey is one among many citizens who have different views on the way things are running in the west. There seem to be a group of people who are not contented with the way things are, and most of them including Abbey, are hoping for the best sometimes. Together with other Liberalized friends, Abbey demonstrates their disdain towards a religious group, the Latter-Day Saints terming them as Moroni Angels who have resulted to the political distress by appointing individuals who continually oppressed the efforts of western towards civilization. Additionally, the LDS has dominated their religious practices in the governance system which bars Negroes from fully participating in church programs, as members who outcasts in the community. On the other hand, Abbey concedes with the fact that Mormons are not inconsistent with their beliefs and practices as compared with other religious groups who are not condemned. The LSD substantially impacted on the resettlement of many rugged individuals by advocating for migration along with promoting unity, sharing, and cooperation.

According to the title "Dead Man at Grandview"

There is the dead man to deal with in such a situation. According to Abbey, people had experienced hostility from their rulers and opted to move in a more hospitable area as directed by the LDS. To their surprise, they were settled in a desert where everybody was complaining of hunger. Life here was unbearable and everybody was regretting and complained that the whole journey was uncalled for. They would rather die in the previous conditions than coming all the way for the unexpected only to be subjected to more harsh conditions.

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