Deaf Sentence Novel by David Lodge

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Blindness is tragic as deafness is a comic, It is claimed with the aid of a linguist who has critically analyzed David Lodge’s work, ‘’Deaf Sentence’’. Desmond has the power to make an epigrammatic pronouncement for a couple of years approximately 20 years. Most of the instances he slips into a situation of ‘’high-frequency deafness’’ which makes him unable to hear someone speak. It is because he longs to be a conversational pratfall.
The biggest of all these appear in the novels beginning chapter Desmond Bates goes to an exhibition in the Northern English city the place he resides. At the art exhibition, he fails to grasp what Alex Loom says to him. She is a quite young American woman who researches her dissertation at Desmond Bates former University (Lodge, David). He, therefore, visits blonde’s attractive apartment, where Alex Loom asks him to supervise her work on the linguistics of suicide notes. As a trap, she sneaks in her pair of underpants into Desmond Bates raincoat.

Bate complains to Alex about her behavior, and she makes him an offer of spanking her. He refuses but later asks him to write a final fake suicide note which she then combines with real notes for the test of public’s ability to identify the exact thing. When Alex Loom attended Fred's Boxing Day party unexpectedly, the whole book turns into a tale of closed-captioned fatal attraction (Lodge, David).

The story in the novel changes into solemnity when Bates returns to lecture tour to Poland and his spontaneous trip to Auschwitz which opens the stage for a disturbance in revelation about the death of Bates wife. The scenes are quite emotional but its again hard not see that Lodge had given his ears to his hero’s dictum and to see the comic ability of his affliction to the rough end (Lodge, David).


Lodge, David. Deaf Sentence. New York, Penguin Books, 2014,.

December 15, 2021
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