Democracy and Political Elite

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The political elite are groups of people, political parties, companies, and other members of civil society who hold positions of high political authority. The teams are constantly looking for new tools to help them identify their niche in the country. Most of the time, these selected groups seek distinction and separation from the rest of society. However, the true concept of the elite is in control, and they hold high positions in the community. The elite emerged as a result of the evolution of humanity's history. According to the researchers, they have produced hypotheses, as well as their evolution and importance in modern society.  Democracy is a Greek word derived from demos or people. It is mainly known as a set of ideas, principles, and procedures that molded for a long time concerning the freedom of people. People living in a democratic society must ensure they serve an ultimate guidance of their freedom and all their rights (Bacharach ed., 2017). An essential function of democracy is to protect the human rights like the right to equal protection under the law, opportunities to organize and participates full in economic cultural and political activities and also the freedom of speech and religion.

In the democracy, the governing political elite should ensure that different policies pursued are benefiting in various segments of the population. In a lengthy period, the political elites establish regimes in the democracy. In most cases the transition elite is more likely to be internally divided in their preference for the emerging rules hence; their coalition will eventually impose and dominate its control (Bacharach ed., 2017). Both political and democracy elite are connected to the reaction and the action of ordinary citizens who are rapidly learning various way on how to exploit their greater access to sources of information and to get and acquire new civil rights (Bacharach ed., 2017).

The success of democratization depends on the converting of a short and complex set of reward into the rules that the political elite are willing to respect. In most cases the democratic consolidation depends on the national and international factor which results to; the development of an economic system, the civil society development, the type of political culture participation and the kind of political elite formed. According to Bacharach ed., (2017), the most straightforward way of ascending the governmental elites is through the political parties especially those who find the governance and political elites in the democracy.

To analyze the political elite, researchers came up with various methods of identifying them. The political elites include; State members, the prime minister, ministers delegated to coordinate individual departments of the government for the citizens of the states. According to Bacharach ed., (2017), an example of statistical data of the governmental elites in Roman most of the members are men who are aged 49 years, and most of the ministers are aged 53 years old. In 2012 the president of the Roman President Traian Basescu rearranged the constitution relation between the state's institutions which gained in more than two decades in the progression of their democracy (Bacharach ed., 2017).

Advantages of political elite in the democracy

Political elite maintain enough power

They maintain the power to ensure the implementation of the democratic decision is fully negotiated. According to Bacharach ed., (2017), when transplacement occur, there are stronger reformers which are more than the standing pattern in the government. When this happens, the political elite is allowed to come as a representative of their group and negotiate for the decision to be enforced. When these activities are carried out successfully, it serves as a means of containing the extremist of the function in society for the democracy to grow without being opposed in any way.

They prevent potential hostility from happening.

They always find a solution to deal with specific issues that have occurred in a particular state. According to Bacharach ed., (2017), in South Africa, the political elite was able to come up with the idea of developing incentives to reward moderation and sanction for maintaining and protecting the democracy which was made during the negation table. When Nelson Mandela and Klerk of South Africa allowed the political elite to be part of the negotiation, they took the opportunity for their democracy become successful (Bacharach ed., 2017).

They discuss and negotiate for a transition to occur.

The political elite are mostly called to negotiate according to their free will and not through the coercion of external factors. Right Trans placement occur due to the willingness of the political elite collaborated on the decision made (Bacharach ed., (2017).In most countries where the political elite are involved their choice are always fair to the people, and they listen and collaborate in every suggestion given. They are still expected to demand the fairness of the country and come up with thoughtful decisions. When this is done, the democracy of people is maintained and they become happy about the policy.

They maintain excellent communication during negotiations

Another importance of the political elite is they maintain excellent communication skills during the negotiation process. It is the most important skills used during the negotiation. The political elite continues between their group and the other interested group. According to Bacharach ed., (2017), political elite keep informing the population about the talks that might be going on in their country. They ensure they update the citizen on every step of the negotiation with also the other group that is involved. By doing this, the citizens will be able to understand the importance of having a democratic country and its benefit to them.

Political elite formulates the policy and takes the decisions.

The elite play a significant role in the society they govern. They give education to most people and they set specific standards model in the nation. Rajni Kothari is a famous writer known to have the political culture that has enabled him to penetrate in the society and help them understand about the democracy and what it entails (Bacharach ed., 2017).By the formulation of different policies, the community can transmit the culture it has inherited through the political elite governing the decision they make set standards of excellence which help the poor people in the society to remove their genuine grievances (Bacharach ed., 2017).

The act as good role models to the people in the society

They make a different kind of sacrifices for the people they are in charge. By this type of power and leadership, it gives hope for the progression of people in the society. However, a society where it's not governed by a political elite its succession it's slow but where political elite rules their sacrifices to interact with people become essential in the society (Bacharach ed., 2017).When they become a good role model and do what is required by them, people will follow all the policies made according to the democracy implemented.

Disadvantages of having political elite

Political elite cannot control the whole political activities

Advocates wrongly believe that that the political elite can control the sphere of political, economic activities and the social. In most of the time, they are influenced by one field but cannot affect the other area. According to Bacharach ed., (2017), gave an example of Dahl who hold an economically well-off section of the society and cannot find a place to sphere education thus being seen he cannot influence another field positively (Bacharach ed., 2017).

Wealth and political position cannot be propionate

Those who are the supporters of the political elite believe that wealthy people must be in political power controlling the legislative power. However, it’s not necessary for the dominant person to be the wealthiest person in the society. In communist countries, wealthy is not a determinant of having a political power however in India those who are in control are considered to be the most prosperous in the community (Bacharach ed., 2017). In much big capital cities in India have been influencing by choosing the wealthiest person to be in control of the political power (Bacharach ed., 2017).

Political elite are more concern about their interest and not the community

Political elites are more concern with their interest in being chosen to be in power, they lose their interest in all the needs of the community and do everything to satisfy their desires. According to Bacharach ed., (2017), they practice all this to their attention there will be no progression seen in the society thus people s problem will continue to increase creating more problems for them.


In conclusion, the political elite are necessary for democracy. According to benefits listed above, having them in a democratic country will increase the progression of the state. They are also crucial during a negotiation between two parties which their views are considered the most. They also help in keeping and creating a functional relationship between different states and between the populations. They act as good role model to the community and even outside the state which brings a good impression to the people in the country. The political elite needs to be supported for the maintenance of functional democratic stat Reference

Bacharach ed., h, P. ed., 2017. Political elites in a democracy. Rutledge.

May 02, 2023

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