Demonstration of Two-step low Theory in Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits

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The Kylie Cosmetics lip kit is a great example of the two-step Flow principle. The theory is divided into three main levels, the first of which is the reception of a message by individuals who pay close attention to mass media. Opinion leaders are individuals who have strong opinions. They deliver the message to the intended audience. The message is then shared among the target audience (Kao and Min, 2014). They even act on the tweets and they have confidence in the opinion makers. This has been clearly demonstrated in the selling of Kylie Cosmetics lip kits

Kylie cosmetics lip kits is an online shop hence perform most of its function such as selling, advertising, and communication on online platforms. It uses social media platform such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and blogs. Therefore it most influential opinion leaders are famous bloggers and celebrity who write about the product, give reviews and recommend it to the target audience. The influential status of this individual helps to spread awareness of the product, and in turn, more people decide to purchase it.

For example, one of the famous New York fashion blogger named christens Ferrari tweeted about the Kylie lipstick matte and made this comment “In love with the quality of these. I have the Maliboo one. The shade is very nice. The lip liner glides on smoothly and easily. It's soft on the lips and creamy. The pigmentation is stellar. Careful and easily with the sharpening, though. The lipstick is great, much pigmented and very long-lasting. The first time I applied it, it lasted for over 24 h. The smell is intense and very sweet; I love it! Repurchase? Hell yes. Maybe not the Maliboo shade, but I'd repurchase more of these amazing lip kits!”

In the message, Christine was able to outline all characteristics and advantage of the comment. This comment was able to attract more than one hundred and twenty retweets. On the other hand, there was a 30 % increase in the sale of that product in that month. This can highly be attributed to the message that Christine wrote on her Twitter page. It was also a clever way of relaying the message to target audience considering that Christine Ferrari is a fashion blogger hence most of her followers are interested in fashion and trends which compromise of lipsticks.

Although the lipsticks had some negative comments, people still choose to buy it because of the influential status of Christine Ferrari. In this case, she was able to act as the opinion leader. The comment and outcome that resulted out of it demonstrate the two-step flow theory of communication on how media platforms such as Instagram influence decision making through opinion leaders, and how the message has effects on the audience.

Another way that the product increases its sales through use of opinion leaders is by the use of YouTube where different videos are displayed on how to use the product the different, types and colors. This is mostly done by use of celebrities who in this case act as opinion leaders. For example, Brianna White an actress and model has a video where she demonstrates how to apply the lipstick and the several colors available. The video had 1,052,997 views, 15401 likes, and 418 shares (Brianna, 2016). The number of viewers proves that the video was able to reach it target audience. The number of shares also proves right the third stage of two-step theories where the target audience spread the message among themselves through word of mouth or reviews.

Through this, the product also increased the number of sales. Some people actually ordered the product right after the release of the video in the review comment (Brianna, 2016). For example “I ordered Dolce K, and I'm so excited for it to come!!!” Additionally, the number of views, shares, and increase in the sale can not only be accredited to the quality of the product but also the influence of the opinion leader, in this case, Brianna white. This was demonstrated in the review “I seriously don't know how you don't have more than 2 million subscribers at the least”.

In conclusion, Kylie cosmetic lipstick kit is a perfect example of a two-step flow theory that has an indirect form of communication. An opinion leader gets a message, relays it to the target audience who later take action due to the trust and influence they have on the opinion leader. In this case, Kylie cosmetics lipstick kit leading opinion leaders are celebrities, you tubers, and bloggers who make a comment about the video on the online platform, and their followers buy the product or recommend the product to others through reviews and comments. Most people end up purchasing it without seeing it in person because of the trust they have on this blogger or you tubers.


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October 20, 2022

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