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Style A measures 11 inches tall and ii inches in diameter.

Style B includes 12 × 12 x 40-inch cones.

Style C includes cone-shaped 12x12x50-inch pieces.

The maximum weight of the total load per loaded container is 44,000 pounds.

The land charge is $1,000 per 40-foot container, whereas the ocean rate is $22 per ton.

The insurance fee is 2% of the total shipment cost.

Style A costs $4 per piece.

Packing costs $0.60.

Package weight: ten pounds

Number of pieces in each package: 1

Style B costs $4.50 per piece.

Packing costs $2.

Package weight: 62 pounds

Number of pieces per package: 6

Style C:

Cost per piece: $5

Packaging cost: $2.25

Package weight: 101 pounds

Number of pieces per package: 10

For calculating the number of Style A shades in the container, its crucial to determine the container measurements.

Intermodal container size: 8 feet wide, 8.5 feet high and 40 feet long

To find the area of a cube = 8 x 8.5 x 40 = 2720 cubic feet.

The size of one package of shades from style A is 12*12*12 (1 cubic foot)

Therefore, since the lamp shades are 1 cubic foot, the 0.5 in the 8.5-foot height can be ignored/disregarded because the lamp shades cannot fit in the lamp shade.

Hence, the new dimensions of usable space are: 8*8*40 = 2560 cubic feet in the container.

In order to calculate the number of the packages from style A that can be in one container, simply divide 2560/1 which will give you 2560 packages

Therefore, one container can have 2560 style A shades and the company want to ship 5400 identical lamps to Asia, then

5400/2560 = 2.1

3 containers will be needed to deliver the whole merchandise

Also, knowing that the load cannot exceed 44000 pounds per container due to the highway regulations, and that each of the shade is weight 9 pounds,

Then 2560*9= 23040 pounds. So, there are no problems with the weight.

May 17, 2023
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