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Anyone who had to write a Math essay knows how challenging it can be since you do not have to use numbers per se. The majority of Math essays will relate to the lives and works of famous mathematicians. Remember that you should not copy every sentence that you find online because it can lead to serious plagiarism risks. Do not despair though as we have various essay samples on Math for you! Take a look at each essay and start your assignment based on what you discover. It is recommended to start with an outline and choose at least three arguments that you can develop in your body paragraphs. Once ready, you can think of a good thesis statement that pretty much sums up things for your essay.

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154 views 3 pages ~ 609 words
Pearson Correlation Test

The present assignment applied Pearson correlation test to evaluate the direction and strength of the association betwee...

85 views 2 pages ~ 398 words
A Comparison of Descriptive and Differential Statistics

The aim of this paper is to give a broad understanding of the underlying concepts of quantitative methods as well as off...

117 views 4 pages ~ 1053 words
Demystifying Data Analysis

Statisticians and researchers in the modern era agree that most of the phenomena in the world are normally distributed. ...

263 views 2 pages ~ 296 words
Calculating the Greatest Common Factor

The first step in solving this algebra is to open the brackets. We multiply the negative sign outside the bracket with t...

185 views 2 pages ~ 404 words
Mean, Median, Mode, Range and Standard Deviation

Q1. Six students obtained the following scores during a mathematics test. 14, 13, 13, 11, 15, and 12. The above score ca...

275 views 6 pages ~ 1501 words
The Use of Calculus in Engineering

Calculus is a fundamental topic in the field of mathematics that studies continuous change. Typically, there are two bra...

293 views 3 pages ~ 779 words
Complete Guide to Understanding Euclidean Geometry

The undefined terms in our axioms are point and lines. Axiom 1: Every point has at least two lines Axiom 2: Every line h...

251 views 3 pages ~ 804 words
The Birthday Paradox

In probability theory, the birthday paradox, is based on the underlying probability principle that in a set of n randoml...

272 views 3 pages ~ 707 words
Comprehensive Guide to Integral Calculus

The ideas that led to integral calculus were introduced long time ago. However, these ideas were not developed systemati...

100 views 3 pages ~ 667 words
Unveiling the World of Whole Numbers: Foundations for Mathematical Understanding

Topic 2 introduces “Whole numbers” and the rules and procedures for manipulating them. These ideas are the basic buildin...

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