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I had scrambled eggs and brown rice with vegetables for lunch yesterday, and it was amazing. Since whole grain foods are more satisfying and contain more nutrients per serving, I've been trying to eat them more frequently. I make sure to consume a balanced diet that is rich in the vitamins and minerals my body needs to stay healthy.

I had examined the nutritional labels before purchasing the brown rice and eggs from a supermarket store earlier in the month. Each dish of the brown rice had 110 calories and was high in nutritional fiber. There were 70 calories in each egg. I always read nutritional labels to determine which nutrients and calories are in the food and whether there are any additives. I buy vegetables from the farmers market each week- to support the local economy and since the greens are fresher and in season, therefore, tasting better- and keep them frozen.

I made the food myself and ate it at home with a friend. I had boiled the rice beforehand since brown rice takes more time to cook than white rice and is, therefore, more accessible to prepare in advance. I fried the rice with peas and carrots and scrambled two eggs and mixed it into the vegetables. It took me less than an hour to prepare and serve the meal since I had planned it.

I operate on a monthly food budget, but nutrition comes first. The price is a significant factor to consider when buying food. However, it is not the first factor I consider. I purchase nutritious food at the lowest price available. For example, I buy brown rice which is more expensive than rice since it is more nutritious as opposed to taking the cheaper option. I also buy my food in bulk and freeze the perishable ones since it saves money and time spent shopping for groceries. It was an enjoyable meal which we enjoyed slowly, and we were able to keep some of the leftovers for dinner.

Sociological Analysis

Food is a basic need for humans, but it is subject to cultural influences. Different people in the world have different beliefs about diet and different eating habits. Our eating habits are influenced by factors such as upbringing, religious beliefs, gender, economic class, etc. I will analyze some of the aspects that determine eating habits in our community.

Ethnic foods are foods whose culture of origin is different from the local culture. It is considered new and exotic. Since we may not be used to these foods, some people consider them greasy or too spicy. This misunderstanding leads to negative reviews on sites such as Yelp. However, this may be inaccurate since we do know how the foods are supposed to be prepared. It might also be controversial to understand which foods may be considered ethnic. For example, I had rice for lunch which is of Asian origin. However, it is highly pervasive in our cuisine and may not be considered ethnic.

The industrialization of the food production process was an essential factor in how I got to have the meal that I had. The process through which the food was planted, harvested, transported, packaged and processed is controlled by big corporations which have a lot of implications for small and medium scale farmers who cannot compete with their prices due to economies of scale. The significant food retailers in America are multi-billion companies such as Walmart, Kroger, and Costco. I make sure to buy fresh vegetables from farmers markets to grow the local economy.

Our perception of body image is also a significant influence on the food we buy and eat. With lots of pressure to conform to unrealistic standards from the media, there is an influx of eating disorders and the tendency to count calories instead of considering the nutritional content of food. I always buy the healthiest food I can find such as fresh foods and vegetables, white meat and whole grains to get all the nutrients my body requires.

Traditionally, the preparation of food was seen as feminine while the men bought the food. However, this has been changing in recent years. In 1965, 92% of women cooked at home and this had dropped to 68% by 2007 while only 29% of men prepared at home in 1965 the number had risen to 42% in 2007. This change is a positive thing since everyone can be responsible for their nutrition. I prefer to make my meals because then I can make what I want and experiment with different recipes.

The regulation of the food industry by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is a significant influence on our choices. The agency is responsible for ensuring that there are no harmful chemicals in processed foods and making sure that the information provided on nutritional labels is accurate. I check dietary labels to confirm that the FDA approves of the additives in the food.

Eating is a social activity, and our environment influences our food habits and choices. As children, we learn this from our parents, and when we are older, we can change our habits if we find them unhealthy. I have seen that it is easier for me to eat healthier meals if I do not eat alone. Preparing and eating meals with my friends and family is engaging and fun, and we can experiment with new recipes.

March 23, 2023

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