Development and Learning Initiatives

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Technical learning initiatives and induction programs are a few of the learning and development projects I've undertaken in my organization. So far, both programs have been effective. While the technical learning program focused on the overall management of the firm, the induction program required establishing a new method of payment for clients and learning how it operates. Because the new payment method involves making payments through a mobile phone, which has simplified the job and made payment reconciliation easier, these two initiatives have been effective. As the business has upgraded its offerings, the technological program has been successful (Sarder, 87). I have had an experience with an assessment in the accounts department where I learnt more about effective payment methods and how to keep good financial records. I learnt how to transfer payments from an account called the utility account which holds money paid via mobile phones and how to ensure the amounts are transferred to the organizations bank account. I also learnt how to keep track of individual payments for each of the clients. This has ensured that payments are made in good time and records are kept well (Sarder, 95).

The 360 feedback process has been very effective in the organization. I have had an experience with it where I have been notified areas that need small changes or improvements in order to help everyone get involved to do their work more effectively (Sarder, 112). My department deals with sales, receipting and invoicing. It was suggested anonymously that the department needs a change in terms of issuing receipts for payments made. This was done and the service improved.

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May 17, 2023
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