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The purpose of completing this form is to outline the skills and knowledge of the Student as evidence to support their competence in the qualifications.

Complete the following pages and identify your capacity to perform the tasks described. Be honest!

If you are required to complete a task on more than one occasion please indicate the dates on which you undertook these activities.

Please note that you may not undertake all of the activities listed below. Some of these activities may also be undertaken in a classroom environment.  It is important that you complete those instances where you have undertaken the activities in question successfully. 

Observation Criteria



Student’s response


Facilitate individual service planning and delivery

Explain how you have worked within established guidelines to conduct planning and review processes for at least 3 clients.

What strategies have you employed to effectively build rapport and gather information in the planning process?


Use communication to build relationships

Explain how you have obtained feedback from clients and colleagues on your communication skills and responded accordingly?

Identify 3 types of written correspondence that you have undertaken and their purpose within the organisation’s protocols.

Explain how you have used effective communication to facilitate a resolution of:

1. 1 difficult situation with a client

2. 1 meeting around a workplace issue



Confirm client developmental status

Explain the process by which you have observed a client and family, effectively identifying and documenting issues relevant to the developmental status of the client.

Through the community service activity, I identified a client after I recognized some unusual behavior that singled him from the rest of the youths and his family members. Problems leading to the client`s conduct were identified through observation. I also studied the family to understand his family background through consulting his care providers. The development issue in the client was documented for further investigation to come up with a way he could be helped.

What information would assist you in assessing a client’s developmental status prior to delivering services?

Information about the client`s needs, strengths, and their preferences can help one assess their development status.

The history of the family, a client comes from plays a vital role in identifying what methods to employ to give the best line of action to be used.

Comprehensive knowledge about human development across the lifespan is also vital information in assessing a client.

Consulting appropriate persons in the community can also guarantee one with relevant information about the client.

Explain the process by which you have identified variations from normal development in a client and factors potentially responsible.

The first step of identifying variations from normal development in a client is to determine a range of signs that indicate that the client is affected by a development issue.

Then, it is necessary to identify possible factors that are responsible for the client`s variation in development issue.

Third, one can identify the possible risk factors associated with the client.

Once a particular variation is noted, the client can be referred following the community`s requirements.

Lastly, the variation is documented as par the community requirements.

What factors would you considerer in developing a plan for service delivery or referral for a client where significant developmental issues have been identified?

A range of factors can be considered in developing a plan of service delivery for a client affected by significant development problem. First, support from the family is essential in determining the plan of service delivery to be used. Secondly, it is significant to make considerations if the client is under medication. The cognitive status of the client also matters a lot when deciding the plan for service delivery or referral. Sometimes the patient could be facing severe emotional and psychological issues. The client's ability to carry out self-care should also be considered to guarantee a successful plan for service delivery.

Explain how you would refer or seek assistance in instances where the application of mandatory reporting processes is appropriate.

Seeking assistance is helpful in filing a mandatory report. First, I would report the issue immediately. Referring to the appropriate or relevant authorities can guarantee effective support. However, seeking assistance on applying a mandatory report does not require asking permission from anyone.


Work with diverse people

Explain how you have undertaken a structured process to reflect on own perspectives on diversity

A community service activity that is being conducted has youths working together. The youths are diversified that is they have different backgrounds. To reflect my perspective on diversity while working around young people, I have identified my cultural and social biases to ensure that they do not inhibit me from relating with the youngsters. I have also worked towards recognizing own limitations to increase my social awareness in dealing with the others. I have also worked on inclusivity to accommodate every young person to the intervention by acknowledging that everyone is different.

Give examples of how you have demonstrated, recognised and respected the needs of people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds in at least 3 different situations

In my interaction with the youth, I have ensured inclusivity in all aspects by employing empathy.

While communicating with young people, I have also paid special attention to the language I use. I have strived to use language that is commonly understood by all. I also ensure to use body language that does not conflict to their social and cultural beliefs. In the case of writing to the young community members, I have ensured the use of simple and unambiguous words in my writing. I have also avoided words that are biased or sexist.

Provide an example of how you have selected and used appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication

One example of verbal communication that I have selected and used is public speaking in a community hall. In the hall, I gave a lecture to young people as they listened and later talked with them individually to hear their responses.

Some of the non-verbal communication that I have used is body movement in the bid to compliment and supplement my verbal communication.

Describe how you have recognised situations where misunderstandings may arise from diversity and formed appropriate responses

Diversity can create misunderstandings among youths. Situations that can cause misunderstanding can happen during interaction with the young persons. In the case of judging them concerning their race, ethnic group, disability, gender, and sexual orientation, a misunderstanding can happen. Hence, it is necessary to avoid labelling young people considering that they are highly sensitive. Also, it is essential to appreciate the differences that exist.


Promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety

Explain how you have/would promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety in the workplace.  Give some examples.

Provide an example of a strategy you have employed to improve communication with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples who may be clients or colleagues.

How have you evaluated the effectiveness of the strategies employed by you personally and within your workplace?


Work legally and ethically

Identify 3 different legal and ethical issues that have arisen in the workplace

In the situations above, identify:

1. Which legal and ethical guidelines applied

2. The appropriate response that you implemented.


Identify and respond to children and young people at risk

Identify 3 situations where you have implemented work practices to support the protection of children and/or young people.

Give 2 examples of how you have worked with children in compliance with legislation and regulations while employing child-focused work practices.

What procedures have you implemented to report children at risk?  Include both legislative and organizational procedures.


Work collaboratively to maintain an environment safe for children

Identify and explain how you have worked collaboratively with 2 families including:

Applying a range of collaborative work practices to be flexible to your client’s needs

Adhering to the principles of child protection

Appropriate communication

Working with family to ensure the safety of the child

Give 3 examples of personal safety strategies you implement to ensure your safety in the workplace.


Work within a practice framework

Identify which child protection frameworks/professional standards apply to your work.

Using the standards identified above, what areas of strength and improvement have you identified in a review of your own professional practice?

In consideration of your own practice, what reflective processes do you undertake to:

1. Evaluate the impact and any issues arising from your own values and beliefs?

2. Guide your self-directed learning choices?


Participate in workplace health and safety

Describe how you apply workplace safety procedures in your day to day work activities.

Provide examples/additional evidence of how you have:

Contributed to a WHS meeting/inspection

Conducted a workplace risk assessment and documented the results appropriately

Followed procedures for hazard identification and reporting

Followed procedures for a simulated emergency situation.



Provide parenting, health  and well-being education

Describe the planning process you have used for client skill development from beginning to end.

Provide 2 examples of how you have used a strengths-based approach to effectively engage with families with regard to parenting or health and wellbeing.

Explain the process you have used to support the acquisition, implementation and review of new parenting or healthy lifestyle skills programs with your clients.

What is the role of professional referral processes in service planning and review for your clients?


Respond to client needs



Facilitate responsible behaviour

Explain the process by which you have conducted a support needs analysis of a client.

Give examples of potential risks you have identified in the process of analyzing client support needs for 3 different clients.

Outline the basic structure of a client support plan that you have constructed including strategies for implementation.

Identify 2 formal and 2 informal strategies that may be used to assess a client.

Provide a brief description of a behaviour support plan that you have developed and implemented. Include: the behaviour of concern and the strategies identified to manage them


Work effectively in trauma informed care

Define re-traumatisation

What are the key principles of trauma informed care?

Provide examples of 3 strategies that you have utilized to manage the risks associated with re-traumatisation

Provide 3 examples of self-care strategies that work for you.

Through the process of self-reflection, what areas of strength and improvement have you identified with regard to your work with trauma?


Develop and maintain networks and collaborative partnerships

Provide a list of stakeholders involved in a recent client planning process

Explain why it is essential to work collaboratively with other service providers

Provide an example of how you represented your organization within a multi-disciplinary team or at a networking event


Recognise and respond to crisis situations

Provide an example of a potential crisis that has arisen in your workplace.

Outline the procedure by which you:

Identified and addressed the immediate safety concerns

Provided referral/follow-up support

Implemented self-care strategies

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