Do School Violence Policies Matter?

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J. Scott Granberg-Rademacker, Jeffrey Bumgarner, and Avra Johnson are the three writers of the article. Do School Violence Policies Matter? is how the article is titled. Four approaches to reducing school violence: an empirical analysis. The researchers' area of study is criminal justice, specifically strategies for lowering crime in institutions of higher learning. The researchers focus on studies that aim to reduce crimes committed in schools, such as assaults, fatal accidents involving kids, surveillance systems for school security, and the possession of weapons that could endanger children. The source appeared in print in 2007. The source is a dissertation which incorporates areas such as; introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion (Granberg-Rademacker et al. 6).

The overall argument of the author is that when school uniform policies of prevention of crimes are implemented, it is possible to achieve high safety of students and prevent any likelihood of attacks or possession of weapons that can be destructive to other students. This is based on its recommendation of the use of security cameras, and formal techniques of parental involvement in prevention of certain types of attacks within schools. The use of security cameras can be beneficial to schools in preventing crimes because they provide information about any attempt to use a weapon to cause harm to other students so that the perpetrator or the person in possession of the weapon can be tracked. It recommends that school managements need to take proactive steps in creating policies of addressing violence in their institutions by tailoring them to address the specific violence threats faced by learners.

Works Cited

Granberg-Rademacker, J. Scott, Jeffrey Bumgarner, and Avra Johnson. "Do School Violence Policies Matter? An Empirical Analysis of Four Approaches to Reduce School Violence." Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice 4.1 (2007).

April 19, 2023


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