Doublemasters Simulation as a Tool for Training and Analysis of Project Management

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Doublemasters simulation is utilized in training and analysis of project management. I did not achieve full points on selection of contractors and sellers, WBS components, communication channels, coordinating launch dates, documentation format, response to mail messages, managing teams in a balanced matrix organization, more earned value analysis, product box and software file delivery. This paper is an explanation of the ideas that made me lose points in these areas and concepts from our learning that are tied to these areas.

The process of selecting contractors and sellers can only be efficient if the components that comprise the scope of a project are well defined (Mahdi & Alreshaid, 2005). I failed to clearly define these components and come up with a reliable plan on how each will be executed in the course of the project. When the components are well-defined, it becomes easy to select sellers and contractors. This learning outcome is also related directly to the poor score regarding the information that should be tracked in financial reporting. Financial reporting is a rigorous process that should be undertaken according to the tasks undertaken. These tasks should be well planned for during the initial stages of the project. During the project simulation, I suggested that cost per department should be used in financial reporting. This may not be the best form of reporting since the components of a project are distinguished as tasks. One task may be undertaken by several departments while each department may take part in several tasks simultaneously.

Another area where I performed poorly was communication. My failure in this area can be traced back to the process of constructing components that make up the scope of the project. I suggested a very large number of communication channels that should exist between stakeholders. When the components of a project are well-defined, the process of identifying stakeholders is simplified (Turner & Müller 2003). One of the key targets of the process of identifying the scope and key stakeholders is communication of a simple but precise communication channel. Multiple communication channels can easily result in loss or manipulation of information (Oke & Idiagbon-Oke, 2010). The key stakeholders can also lose key information to unwanted parties such as competitors.

During the project simulation, I scored low marks on coordination of launch dates. This can be attributed to inability to clearly define the scope, cost and schedule control measures of a project. Definition of the three components is important in helping the project manager come up with launch dates for the relevant project components (Lane et al. 2012). I was unable to recognize environmental factors within the enterprise that could discourage separate launch dates. Clear definition of the three aspects of project scheduling would have helped me understand the environmental factors that may affect the appropriateness of launch dates.

I scored low marks in identifying documentation and character format to be used in Japan. In both cases, I failed to recognize the need to adapt to the local culture and norms. This aspect is associated with my ability to offer quality management. Cross-cultural differences are a threat to the smooth flow of a project. There is need for a project manager to create a sense of belonging among all units involved in the implementation process (Beamer & Varner, 2001).

I also failed to come up with the best response to Prince’s mail. This failure is related to my inability to recognize the issues handled by the sender. This can be addressed through proper definition and construction of project components. The learning outcome mandates a manager to actively participate in constructing the components of a project. Recognizing this learning outcome could have helped me identify the relevant information items and indices to the report and also make the appropriate decision towards managing teams in a balanced matrix organization.


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October 30, 2023

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