Driving on the Internet Express

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Markkula seems to be of the moralist school of thought. Any supporters of this school of thought include Dr. Kent, who developed the universal moral code (Keith, 2017). In short, Dr. Kent's code is split into two clusters: one does not do harm and the other should do well. Markkula's point of view incorporates certain legal relativism ("Relativism", 2017). In order for an internet user to clearly feel some of the immoral things, for example, if his or her posts a wrong, there has to be an inherent belief where the person is informed that a certain thing is wrong. Society needs to come up with some ethical standards which are to be met for an internet user that need to be adhered to.

Dewey’s Prescription for Success

I would first inform Dewey that indeed laws are drawn from ethical norms that are found in the society (UMaine, 2017). I would continue to advise him that breaking the law is not only illegal but unethical. The Federal Food Drugs and Cosmetics Act is bound to protect the consumer’s rights (University, 2017). A customer needs to enjoy products that are up to the required standards and Dewey should not be blinded by the opportunity to maximize the profits margin of the company at the expense of the general public’s safety and health standards. He is under an ethical duty to act with integrity and honesty. This means that with as much as the government has been lax in implementing the FDA laws, he should not risk the company’s reputation. The scenarios that might play out are that: he may be criminally culpable and serve time in prison and fined. The second scenario is that the company will also be investigated and lead to its winding up and dissolution.


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December 21, 2022

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