Drug Abuse and Addiction

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I chose this particular video explaining about Methamphetamine and the negative effects it always has because I thought of it to be a “cool’ drug as most people think. The Video clearly explains the effects of using Methamphetamine vividly and in a practical way. Compared to other articles, this particular one is excellent and articulates issues on the effects of this particular drug explicitly. The narrators give perfect examples, for instance, what happened to Oscar and Jessica and what the dug led them to do. Before I watched this particular video on Methamphetamine, I used to think that the feeling of using this drug is ‘cooler’ as compared to the attached risks (YouTube, 2018). My thinking has hence been challenged, majorly,  on how I viewed this particular drug. The effects of Methamphetamine are more serious and dangerous compared to the ‘cool’ feeling one gets after taking it.

The hidden face of Methamphetamine user in the video is clear on what people have resulted after using this drug. For example, it is said that most of the people who use this drug are gays and during the partying period it is mostly used as a way of increasing the wild aspect in them. The narrator says that he started using the drug as a way of getting away from the truth that he was HIV Positive and admits that the hurt vanished after using this drug. My opinions and thoughts concerning methamphetamine were different, but after watching this particular video, the perception changed. For example, I always thought that most people use it for leisure purposes, but it's actually for other aspects of trying to forget about some serious life issues affecting them (YouTube, 2018). Again, my opinion on the recovery of the addicts was negative and has now been revived after getting the information that one can change and be sober again.

Lysergic acid diethylamide abbreviated as LSD is a drug believed to be a treatment emerging from the past according to the article. This particular article clearly explains the origin of this particular drug and the effects which it causes to an individual. As a result, the article is the best source to extract knowledge about the lysergic acid diethylamide. Initially, the drug could be used to address issues to do with trauma. Over time the drug could not be used for the purpose it was meant to but was mostly being abused. To an extent, I agree with the article in that the drug thoroughly addressed issues to do with trauma (Dyck, 2015). I could not comprehend that this particular drug can be abused in any way. However, through this article on Lysergic acid diethylamide, I was able to have a new understanding of why the drug is highly abused.

Is Lysergic acid diethylamide toxic? Is a comprehensive article which explains more about the drug and the effects it causes to people. Before Neuroscience developed this drug was unheard of, however, after the science on neurons was established, this particular drug came into place as a way of treating diseases relating to neurons. The article explains that if the drug is taken in high doses, the user is exposed to high risks of death. There are symptoms associated with the drug like sweating, flushing, and hypertension. Cases of addicts have continually increased. However; proper treatment has been put in place to ensure that patients with symptoms of this disease are treated (Nichols & Grob, 2018). I had shallow information regarding the effects of this particular drug, but this particular article explains them more comprehensively. I believed that this drug could not have adverse effects on an individual but according to this article, I am proved wrong. 

Throughout the semester I have been able to learn a few issues regarding drug abuse and the effects it has had on different people who have been using abusing them. The saddest thing regarding drug abuse is that it cuts across all ages from the young to old people. Again, people have not been able to learn from those who have been affected, and as a result, the cases of drug abuse and addiction keep on increasing.

Some of the drugs meant for medicinal purposes have been abused severally, and this can be confirmed by the lysergic acid diethylamide drug. The number of people abusing this drug has kept on increasing according to research. Therefore, the right actions should be taken to ensure that people suffering from the effects of this drug are rehabilitated. The government should take the initiative to ensure that more rehabilitation centers have been constructed to accommodate the increasing number of drug addicts across the United States.

Mental health, physical health and the overall well-being of different societies across the United States have been greatly affected as a result increased drug abuse and addiction. The Government of the United States now uses more money in rehabilitating drug addicts and curbing drug abuse across the country as compared to other budgets meant for the development of the economy. The extra budget set aside for this cause can be used for other purposes for the betterment of the economy. Drug abuse and addiction have also resulted in low productivity, broken families and increased crime in the society. Therefore, treating and rehabilitating the affected people will result in a more productive and a moral economy.

Illegalizing drug trafficking will be a good step towards ensuring that the society maintains its morals and remains productive as well. For example, the users of Methamphetamine are at greater risks of losing their lives. In certain research, most of the victims of this particular drug have proved to be gay, and most of the users are HIV positive. Therefore, by putting up the right and strict measures to illegalize drug trafficking will be for the better of the country at large and not for the affected families and societies only. In furthering my studies, I would like to study more about the effects of drug abuse and addiction to the society and the possible solutions. This will help in bringing sobriety to the society and the country at large. Knowing these issues will help in giving solutions to the affected parties.


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