Drug Food Interactions

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The principle objectives of development of drugs are safety and effectiveness. However, there are numerous factors which influence the effectiveness of drugs in the body which include, age, body weight, tolerance, general health including diseases, environmental factors among others (Alomar, 2013).In respect to age factor, children, as well as the elderly, are more often sensitive to drugs than are others. Fast and essential age related physiologic changes in drug metabolism and elimination happen in children particularly in their first year of life. Body weight is also an important factor since individuals who are heavier than average may have the ability to take greater quantities of a drug than lighter individuals since the proportion of the drug in their blood is less. Additionally, acquired tolerance affects individuals who have taken a particular drug for an extended period hence a continuous presence of the drug in the body leading to tolerance. Also, the presence of diseases such as liver or kidney diseases may complicate the absorption or excretion of the drug properly (Alomar, 2013).

A Summary of the Article, “Drug Food Interactions in Various Therapies”

This article focuses on interactions of food and drugs in various therapies. The article argues that the bioavailability of the drug is affected by food, by increasing or even decreasing the therapeutic agents’ systematic absorption. Furthermore, the interactions as a result of increased bioavailability may lead to toxicity as well as adverse events of drugs. In the same way, interactions with decreased availability may result in therapeutic failure and tolerance.  For the achievement of desired therapeutic outcomes, interactions of drug food need the monitoring and evaluation of dosage regimen which includes conducting patient’s counselling.  The article provides crucial information which can be utilized in nursing practice as it further provides information on food effects on the drug administration. Additionally, the article enlightens on the importance of providing the patients the appropriate information about potential interactions in the dosage regime for the overall contribution of successful therapy.  More, the information is vital in guiding the patients as well as monitoring further interactions while evaluating possible outcomes (Islam et al., 2015).


Alomar, M. J. (2013). Factors affecting the development of adverse drug reactions. Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal, 83-94.

Islam, S., Majeed, I.& Alvi, N.M. (2015). Drug Food Interactions in Various Therapies. Indo American Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 1-11.

October 13, 2023



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