Educational Philosophy

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The Philosophy of Learning

The philosophy of learning is mainly a branch of philosophy that usually addresses philosophical questions such as the aims, nature, and the problems regarding the education sector. The fact that it is a branch of practical philosophy, the practitioners in this field must look on both the parental discipline and the outward to learning practice. The developmental psychology is also part and parcel of the educational psychology. The best characteristics of a virtuous teacher is an individual with a sound educational philosophy (White, 2013).

Factors of Educational Philosophy

The philosophy of education enables a teacher to have the optimum readiness in the classroom. This type of philosophy generally should be handled with care and should have concrete ideas about the different aspect of educations available. My view concerning the philosophy of education contains several factors: the nature of knowledge, curriculum, and the nature of the learners and the teaching methods. Individuals have different opinions about the nature of learners. I believe that the learners are neither evil nor good and the situations they may encounter during their daily lives may greatly shape their behavior depending on the situations. The students may also choose to use all the situations they encounter for their advantage. Teachers have also all the ability and intelligence of shaping everything presented by the students into something special and beautiful. Teachers have the opportunity of gathering intelligence that is presented to them by students and making it very special (Scolnicov, 2013). I believe that intelligence is very valuable and whenever it presents itself it should be highly improved.

The Comparison Plato and Socrates Educational Philosophy

I agree with Plato and Socrates philosophy of learning to some levels. The fact that intelligence is classified and shaped into levels, then the students should actually be placed into situations that they can mutually benefit. I also conquer with Socrates and Plato's beliefs concerning the nature of knowledge. The students have to discover the nature of knowledge since it is absolute (White, 2013). Teachers also have a role to play since it is their role to present all the necessary material in a good way in order for students to discover it.

Types of Socially-Centered Educational Philosophy

An absolute knowledge stays constant throughout time and place. Education is very important since it serves different purposes in the community. The education prepares the students for their future and their place in the world. Many are the time when the society believes that the main work of a teacher is instilling different values in their students. This becomes true and applicable when most parents believe that different beliefs should only be learned at school instead of learning them at home. The school system together with the educators has the responsibility of making sure all the students get the best education. The children have to feel respected, loved, and cared for by both the teachers and the parents (Scolnicov, 2013).


In order to provide the best education and prepare the future generation, teachers must use different types of instructional techniques. These techniques are important since students are also different. Some of the students are visual learners, kinesthetic, and audio learners. Teachers must be well equipped with different techniques since different styles cannot be applied in every lesson. Education is very important since it serves different purposes in the community. The education prepares the students for their future and their place in the world (White, 2013).

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August 14, 2023

Education Philosophy

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Philosophy of Education

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