Edward Abbey's Desert Solitaire

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Edward Abbey and Glen Canyon Dam

Edward Abbey was a popular author on philosophical, political, and environmental subjects. Desert Solitaire gained critical acclaim as a masterpiece of nature writing. The work formed a template for future environmentalists. In the book, Abbey was quite disappointed with plans to complete the Glen Canyon Dam. The region around the Glen Canyon was loved by many people due to its beauty. In fact, Abbey referred to the place as a modern-day Eden (Abbey 165). He considered the dam as the most hated structure in the country. Abbey wanted to use his platform as a writer to condemn the project. He sought to influence public sentiments concerning the dam. Abbey hoped that the authorities would reconsider their decision to complete the project. Nevertheless, the writer was committed towards documenting the sights and sounds of Glen Canyon. Future visitors to the area could read Abbey’s account and appreciate the beauty of the site.

Abbey's Discussion with the Nazi

Abbey’s night-long discussion with the Nazi was quite enlightening. The writer focused on issues that affected most communities. The Nazi had a limited viewpoint on environmental issues. In this regard, the latter felt that humans could ignore the welfare of other species (Abbey 266). The author argued that true civilizations needed to provide for both plants and animals. Humans were obliged to safeguard species that were threatened by extinction. Hence, it was necessary to set aside areas which would accommodate threatened species. The authorities needed to ban people from accessing such regions. The loss of habitat was one of the greatest issues affecting the prosperity of both animals and plants. Abbey helped the Nazi to appreciate the value of embracing variety and diversity. Consequently, the night-long discussion was quite informative with regards to environmental perception.

Works Cited

Abbey, Edward. Desert Solitaire. The Random House Publishing, 1968.

August 21, 2023


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