The Danger of Being Too Judgmental

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It is in human nature to pass judgment to others either consciously or unconsciously. Similarly, once in a while, we have also been judged. These judgments might be hurtful, unfair, and offensive, but it is essential to consider the feelings or the hardship we make others pass when we blindly judge them without figuring out their reasons. Most people are overly judgmental without even thinking about the situations that make others do things the way they do them. However, being too judgmental can isolate someone from his or her surroundings. Perhaps, this aspect is more expounded in the two readings, namely, “Young Goodman” and “A Good Man Is Hard to Find.” Through the two texts, I get to figure out that there are dangers associated with being too judgmental, and it is always appropriate to give other people chances to explain themselves to avoid a negative attitude towards them.

Passing Unjust Judgment in "Young Goodman Brown"

From the narrative of Young Goodman Brown, several instances show people passing unjust and unfair judgment towards each other. For example, Faith, the Goodman’s young wife was not comfortable when his husband was to go and spend a night out. Faith begged his husband to postpone the night journey and wait until the sunrise so that he could sleep in his bed that night. The narrative states that a lone woman was disturbed and troubled by such thoughts and dreams. Faith tried to use all forms of begging, only to stop his man from taking a night journey. Goodman Brown tried to convince her wife Faith that his trip was due and forth, and there was no chance of postponing. It means, Faith doubted his husband, who they have been in a marriage for three months now. When she noted that it was a must for him to spend a night out, she altered unpleasing words to him, “Then God bless you! And may you find all well when you come back” (Hawthorne 220). These words signify a lot of doubt in Faith's minds. They may look caring, but they speak loudly enough that Faith was not comfortable when his husband decided to take a night trip.

Again, as Goodman Brown continued with his journey, the author explains that he took a dark road that was darkened by a form of forest gloomiest trees, which stood aside, leaving a narrow path for an object to pass/creep through. Since Goodman Brown was all alone in these paths, he thought that he might be passing through an unseen multitude, or there might be a devilish Indian behind every trunk of a tree. No justification that made Goodman come to such an assumption. That is when as he passed a crook of the road, where he saw the figure of a man, with decent attire, in a grave, seated under a tree. The narrative discusses all the forms of doubts that Goodman had towards this man, just because of his resemblance and expression. Goodman had tumbled from his conviction through his judgmental behaviors to believe that everything that surrounds him is evil and therefore, the old man is not different; he must also be evil.

The Judgmental Attitude in "A Good Man Is Hard to Find"

Besides, in “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” the story speaks about a grandmother, who seems to look down to all those people who surrounded her, and she only thinks highly of herself. This grandmother was never happy about the way her grandchildren kept talking about their home state of Georgia. In her thoughts, she believed that every individual should be proud and pleased with the place they come from. Furthermore, she perceived herself as a perfect creature, who did all things right, and she passed judgment to others that everything they did was wrong. From the story, it is clear that she measured the correctness of every action based on her beliefs, which she never knew that they might be wrong in other people’s eyes.

Additionally, the grandmother looked down on the poor, where she paid no mind to their sufferings and conditions. She had no compassion for these kids’ situation. I see it wrong passing judgment to the homeless and poor, without considering their status. Most of the people in the current world judge others without thinking about the situation that leads them in that predicament. In the same story, when a misfit talked to the grandmother, he said: “I am not a better man; however, I am not the worst too” (Gale 232). From his ideology, what defines a good man is the place where they come from, and he puts no consideration concerning the situations or the circumstances which makes a person “good.” Similarly, people perceive those who are from the streets or radicalized areas as bad and evil. They forget that places don’t make people; instead, people make these places.

The Dangers of Being Judgmental

Consequently, from the two narratives, it is clear that there exist dangers of being judgmental and not thinking of others situations. This aspect alienates an individual from the surrounding and creates mistrust among people. For example, in “Young Goodman Brown,” the author brings the concept of how judging others make one lose him or herself, and this ruins the relationships he/she has with others. That is why, Goodman and Faith, despite the three-month marriage, they still have issues with their association. Again, since Goodman had a perception that in a forest, where tree trunks are near each other, living a narrow path for a person to pass by, there must be evils dwelling there. This notion makes him fail to acknowledge the beauty of nature. The same case applies throughout the story of “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” where the author tries to bring the idea of specific places or having financial muscles cannot make someone good or bad. What matters is the situation these people have, the attitude and the compassion we have towards others.


In conclusion, it is appropriate first to identify the reason that makes people have a particular behavior and the driving forces towards their response instead of jumping to unjustified assumptions. Again, having a prior emotional knowledge towards others will result in a good relationship, without negative attitudes.

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December 12, 2023



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