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Individuals must be able to express facts accurately and concisely in an easy-to-understand manner in order to write effectively. This emphasizes the importance of people learning the fundamentals of writing in order to develop their ability to write understandable material. This memo would look at two posts, the components of which give useful insights into the improvements people can make while writing to dramatically enhance contact. The first article titled “English Kiss: Keep It Short and Simple was authored by Martin Cutts and expresses ideas of how individuals can maintain a basic mode of the English language in their writings while the second article titled “Revenue Canada’s Letters Full of Gobbledegook, Internal Report Finds” was authored by Dean Beeby and expresses the turmoil Canadians often face in attempting to decipher the complex language employed by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to write their tax notices.


Cutts’ article highlights the need for people employ clear and concise English in writing. The author points out that people often write incomprehensibly in their desire to subdue or impress others with words. He cautions that many individuals in our societies prefer reading articles written in plain English. This form of writing makes it easier for people to comprehend written information and interpret it to others within their social circles. Deeby’s article, on the other hand, emphasizes the need for government agencies to tone down on the indecipherable language which they often employ when writing professional letters to their residents. The author indicates that government bureaucracies often use incomprehensible language in their attempt to professionally communicate with residents. In his view, this nature of writing often resulted in a conflict between these agencies and residents emanating from a lack of understanding. As a result, residents were prompted to needlessly call back these agencies, or send them mail seeking clarification, a move which cost them essential resources such as time and money.

To write more clearly and concisely

Cutts suggests that people need to use simpler language when writing, embrace shorter sentence structures in writing and, consciously revise and edit their work before sending them out to audiences (Cutts 2). Deeby on the other hand posits that government agencies should solicit feedback from residents on how to improve their writing, engage residents using online communication mediums and, hire third-party consultants to help them write professional templates for standard correspondence (Deeby 2). In my opinion, Cutts’ article is most successful in presenting ideas on how to write better. The author has used basic language to communicate. Also, he has employed examples to clearly illustrate the difference between plain English and incomprehensible writing which makes it easier for readers to understand his suggestions and incorporate them in their writings.


The main objective of the articles discussed above was to reveal the conflict associated with unclear writing and suggest ways for people to improve their writing. The author’s advice people write plainly to make their messages comprehensible. In my view, Cutts article is better at taking its own advice to get its points clearly across. The author has used simpler language to communicate. Also, he has employed examples in order to clearly differentiate between Basic English and indecipherable writing. This makes it easier for readers to attune themselves with his article and incorporate his suggestions into their writing.

October 13, 2022

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