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Critical success factor refers to a particular aspect of an organization's operation that is central to its success in the future. Critical success factors (CSF) appear to differ over time and can include things such as production stability, staff perceptions, product consistency, and not limited to market recognition (Müller and Jugdev 761). CSF can also be used as any market function that is defined as essential to the achievement and maintenance of competitive objectives. These influences are typically defined in fields such as employee and management capabilities, manufacturing practices, technology, strategies and functions. However, it is imperative to add to the account that the strengthening and the identification of such factors might have several similarities. As a business term that is important to every organization, critical success factors among employees is necessary for every project or organization to achieve its mission (Müller and Jugdev 761). For instance, a critical success factor for a successful project in information technology is the user involvement.

For any organization to succeed, it is imperative to conduct an employee survey that would assist in measuring and understanding the attitude of various employees within the workstation. Getting an honest feedback from the employees does not only help in fixing the challenges that might be affecting the organization but also help in creating a stable work environment among the employees for a productive result. Organizational managers often conduct pulse surveys to assist in the management of their respective institutions (Müller and Jugdev 763). This would make the organizations to stay updated with the degree of their employees’ satisfaction. Critical success factor reflects the real results obtained from employees’ surveys, making respective companies to make focused changes. The subtle changes would further aid in creating enormous impact on the level of satisfaction of the employees. The critical success factor encompasses employees’ participation. In this connection, measuring the success of an organization through employee surveys makes the employees feel that they are given the chance to contribute in the workplace agendas (Trkman 126). It also gives the employees a great sense of ownership and responsibility. Just like any person would feel, employees feel appreciated and valued when they share their appraisals safely.

Employee focus, or rather employee orientation is considered as one of the most critical factors that underlie the success of an employment. Convincingly, the familiarization of employees with the new work environment need not to be assumed as it largely constitute to the effective performance of the employee (Trkman 132). Apparently most managers view employee focus as an obvious mechanical process of information gathering. However, sharing both the internal and external information that are organizational related across the active groups in an organization is a vital issue in the organization as this encourage employees not only to feel a sense of responsibility in the business improvement but also in the decision making (Müller and Jugdev 763).

Again, the success of the employees is determined by the extent to which they are involved in the decision-making concerning the activities of the business. This is not to mean that employee should be the sole decision makers in their field of specialization, instead their opinions should constitute to the decision made in particular business (Trkman 133). The essence of involving employees in the decision-making process as well as empowerment is that they are nearest a potential problems and opportunities of the organization and their inclusion gives the best and most necessary decision. Employees’ inclusion also ensures effective feedback eliminating the barriers of performance to improvement of the business.

Other than continuous engagement of the employees in the decision making in an organization for empowerment, continuous training and education of the employees is another fundamental issue in ensuring employees’ personal growth as well as organizational growth. The provision of employees’ empowerment and training is associated with the organization’s cost; therefore, it must be aligned against evaluation of the employee in order to effectively examine the event.

Another factor worth noting is the employer-employee relationship. It is important for the employers to ensure they create and maintain a good and healthy relationship with their subordinates. Building a friendly relationship is achievable by having in mind and framing incentives plans for the employees of the organization (Trkman 131). A successful relationship in an organization helps initiate promotion for employees, non-monetary as well as monetary incentives for the employees, which encourage the employees to strive towards the objectives of the business.

Encouraging responsibilities and taking up initiatives is another major success factor for employees. The employers of the various organizations ought to make constructive employees who not only offer effective solutions to the challenges surrounding the organization but also ones who are responsible for their deeds (Müller and Jugdev 765). In addition, this factor enables employees to be self-dependent and do not wait for directives. They are as well not confined to their areas of specialization, as they tend to extend their innovative and inventive characteristics.

Communication skills, whether speaking, writing or handling telecommunication gadget is also vital in virtually any organization. Often, these skills are because of education and upbringing but are essential to most if not all businesses. Improving and nurturing these skills is crucial in making a good employee (Trkman 133). Imperatively, they are most essential when communicating ideas meant for improving the performance of the organization. A good and effective idea which cannot be properly explained both to the employer and the team is of no worth, hence communication skills is a key factor in a successful employee.

Successful employee must also exhibit dependability. Ostensibly, reliability is a quality that must be instilled in every employee ought to possess to overcome deficiencies (Müller and Jugdev 767). Employers perhaps, prefer employees who attend to their duties without the supervisors hovering to their shoulders. Employers regard such employees as honest and of ethics and integrity as well as focused. Successful employees must be in a position to deliver on their tasks and assignments as expected of them and portray extra commitments.

It is as well imperative to understand the norms of the organization to make a successful employee. Employee should be an individual whose decisions on business issues are not based on face value and pre-conceived beliefs and assumptions. It is the expectation of the employer that the employees understand the political, social and cultural environment of their organizations to make informed decisions. Understanding political environment means that the employees have full knowledge of the power structure of the organization, how different power houses relate and the different positions that has leverage as well as those who lack the same (Trkman 135). Purposefully, understanding the culture and the company is a vital factor of success for the employee.

Additionally, aggressiveness is another fundamental success factor for any employee. Employers perceive eagerness of an employee to work as an important feature that would help gear the organization towards the direction of its success (Müller and Jugdev 763). An employee must have interest in knowing what the company is made of to be able to fully understand what is expected of him or her. Being inquisitive and of course inquiring what is relevant is a feature every employer would want in the organization.

Employee and teamwork motivation is a critical factor that must not be unnecessarily be ignored. Human resources in an organization possess the capability to endow a company with a competitive edge. Fundamentally, the performance of an employee depends on factors such as employee satisfaction, appraisal, compensation and employee motivation (Müller and Jugdev 771). An employee should be a motivator who is not only willing to combine force with others but must also be a motivator. An organization would benefit from employees who are at the forefront in seeing into it that their fellows bring the best out of them.

Of all the critical factors expected of a successful employee, attitude is the most important. A positive and pleasant disposition together with important factors such as discipline and work ethics constitute a well-rounded employee. Enthusiasm and flexibility are also components of a good and reliable attitude. Similarly, being a team player is impossible for those individuals who are unapproachable. Therefore as a critical factor for success, it is imperative to be nice and staying positive to people around working environment.

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