“Equinox Film in 1970”

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Equinox: An Intriguing Horror Film from the 1970s

Equinox, which was created by a group of teenage horror enthusiasts in the late 1960s, is one of the most intriguing films from the 1970s. Despite having a minimal budget, the movie managed to garner a lot of praise. In the terrifying story Equinox, a group of companions travel to a cottage in the woods where they discover an old book. After reading it, they discover that there are demons in our world that are descended from another kingdom. The film's influential writing and directing are its two most excellent qualities. The scenes, as well as imagery of the film, appear to be stunning and striking. The movie as well seems to be exciting making it be a reflection of other current horror movies where most directors gain their ideas, images, and scenes from the Equinox video. The influence of the film is therefore felt from across the board of production of horror films. The effects as well utilized in Equinox movie appear to be a benchmark where specialized artists such as Tom Sullivan hired their production ideas to come up with “Evil Dead movie.” The utilization of monsters as well as other creatures presented from the film makes the movie appear creative and appealing to the mind and eyes of every viewer.

The Fulfilling Aspects of Equinox

The other key factor that makes Equinox horror movie to look fulfilling is the use of thrilling effects which makes the actors seem talented in the acting field. The miniature, as well as animation utilized by the focused cameramen who only contained real studio experience, turns out to be captivating and qualified work making the movie to be improved and impressive to the viewers. The other thing I find unique about the equinox is the aspiration pulled out by the inexperienced young actors from the movie. Their ambitions succeeded in pulling out some quality stuff during the whole process of filming the movie. The success of the young actors is a clear indication that the stars contain some optimistic future in their acting endeavors.

Equinox: Differentiating Itself from Other Horror Films

A keen viewer can also agree with me that equinox is different from other horror movies. This is because most acting for several horror films takes place during the night, but Equinox is purely different since several scenes from the film occur during the day (Stacy & Syvertsen, 1983). One might tend to think that the producers did not have enough money to afford night lighting but despite this kind of restriction Equinox movie still acquires some unique vibe which makes it differ from several horror films.

The Imperfections of Equinox

Equinox video is however not all that perfect despite all the compliments mentioned above. Having been acted by first-time actors, the film acquires a limitation in bad writing, and this is evident because he re-edited version has most parts erased which make the movie to lack some original adventures of a fresh and brave movie. After the film is edited various versions are done some reworking where the rewritten versions appear to possess some different effects towards the viewers.

Equinox: The Perfect Horror Film

Part 2

Equinox video seems to fit its genre perfectly as a horror film since it contains some scary nature of creatures that appear to be monsters. The movie has also succeeded to be the source of influence on all films of this kind of genre that were developed later. Ray Harryhausen appears to have made some special effects while coming up with the movie because he ensures that it is as thrilling as possible as compared to its production period (Pinedo, 2004). I can personally offer much credit to the film producers due to the fantastic job where they ensure that it is fascinating compared to its duration of production when studios and items of production were unadvanced enough. The movie director can coordinate every actor to come up with a successful movie which leads to winning various awards. The director also appears to be a team player because is he able to group with other individuals to re-edit the original version of the movie to create other versions of the same kind of movie that results in its popularity grew in the US.

Criteria for a Great Film

Part 3

From an individual criteria observation of quality films, I would suggest that a movie qualifies to be a great film if it makes the viewers think about a new thing. A great film is something that can move an audience or even generate some emotions in response to the event that is occurring in the movie. I am confident that you can agree with me that the items mentioned below can guarantee the greatness of a film:

1. Originality

A great movie is one that contains some originality. A great film should not duplicate any concept from previous films. A movie with unique vibes should possess some original ideas.

2. Impressive and Thrilling Plot

For a film to be great, it should contain some impressive and a thrilling plot. It should also include a good story that will entice the viewer (Unsworth, 2013).

3. Suspense and Anticipation

A fulfilling movie is a film that other actors can never fill in gaps into. This means that it should possess some elements that leave the audience with suspense and which makes the audience have some anticipation to see more.

4. Conveying Moral Lessons

A moral lesson should be acquired after viewing a great movie. An adventurous movie should teach the audience some moral lessons that can help them to judge the actions and morals of the actors. A moral lesson, in this case, needs to be agreeable to every individual, but it has to originate from the viewer's mind.

5. Perfect Soundtrack

A perfect soundtrack. In movies, music tracks are languages on their own. A good music sound should be entertaining, and it should help the listener to understand the environments of interaction. It should also convey a moral lesson to the audience.


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