Eric Thomas Success Video: Motivation and Inspiration Unveiled

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Eric Thomas' Success Video

Eric Thomas' success video is a really motivational piece that strives to encourage the people who have various ambitions and desires not to give up on them. According to Thomas, most of the people in the society fail to realize success in their lives because they either give up very easily or they fail to put their eyes on the prize. I completely agree with this perspective since it is something that I have personally experienced in my life. I believe that in order to be successful in anything we do, we have no option but to be ready to get out of our comfort zones.

Overcoming Challenges and Realizing Dreams

For example, I was never good at riding the bicycle when I was young and I would fall numerous times and get bruises on my body. This was the trend for quite a while and it used to really frustrate me. However, with time I noticed that I was getting better at riding my bicycle with every fall. The cycle of life is more or less the same thing. When I reflect on my life and those of others around me, I often feel that many are times when people fall but as long as they pick themselves up and learn a thing or two they usually end up realizing their dreams and ambitions.

Visualization of the Future

Math has always been the biggest impediment in my academic life but I have dedicated a lot of time and effort this semester so that I can improve my grades. This is my senior year in college and I know I need to work extra hard if I am to graduate with a 4.0 GPA. Today is the day when Professor Brown had indicated that he was going to release the results of the mid-term exam that we had done a few weeks ago. I was really nervous and silently praying for good tidings. When we finally received the notification that they were finally out I did not waste any time and proceeded to find my student number. To my utter disbelief, I was among the class top three with a solid A to back it up. I was so excited knowing that all my sacrifice, resilience, and hard work did not go unrewarded. My old man had always been critical of my poor grades in Math and he always said that if I did not work as hard as he did I would not make the cut to join Harvard as he did. I could now picture the smile on his face when I finally get my acceptance letter to join Harvard Law School. I know he would be very happy since I would have made him proud of me.

September 25, 2023




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