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According to Perfect Daily Grind's article "Coffee Consumption in America," there has been a remarkable increase in coffee consumption among both the young and old generations in the United States. Because of high preference and flexible pricing of coffee goods, the rate at which Americans brew coffee has increased. As a result, coffee industries in the United States have seen substantial growth throughout the years (Quinto & Brito, 2016). Perfect Daily Grind released an article in 2017 about how the local population in the country consumes brewed coffee.

It indicates that coffee producing firms in America have boosted coffee supply due to rising demand from consumers. The older generation is the leading consumer of coffee products within the nation, and this is coupled with the increased preference for the elderly individuals. Additionally, there have been increased numbers of teens who consume coffee products within the country. For example, there has been increased consumption of coffee among people of the age between 13 to 18 years which has risen to 37% (Quintão & Brito, 2016). Also, the number of old generations of between 40 and 59 who consume coffee has increased.

America comprises a vast number of the population thus making the rate of coffee consumption high due to high demand. Therefore, coffee producing companies have heavily invested in the supply of many coffee products to meet the ready and available market. The steady demand for coffee products by the locals of USA has made it possible for the coffee companies to increase its supply. According to the Perfect Daily Grind publication, there has been exponential growth in the brewing of coffee within the homes (Voigt, Buliga & Michl, 2017). For instance, single-cup brewing of coffee has increased within several homesteads of America.

Some factors have the influence on demand and supply of coffee in America. The factors include a price of the product, demography, a cost of production, nature of weather, the income of people, technology, tastes and preferences of the product (Voigt, Buliga & Michl, 2017). The price of the coffee products in America influences the demand and supply of the product. The higher the price of coffee products produced by the coffee producing companies, the lower the demand from people. The higher the price of coffee provided by the enterprise will result in an increased supply of the product. Its price substantially controls the application for coffee, and this has forced many coffee production companies to offer them at premium levels. The prices of coffee tend to vary due to overproduction by most businesses within the country. The production of coffee makes most coffee selling companies to price their products differently to compete effectively.

Subsequently, the population of coffee consumers in America is very high. The number of coffee consumers in America rose from 57% to 62% with the older generations being the largest consumers (Voigt, Buliga & Michl, 2017). The younger generations are also engaging in a massive consumption of coffee leading to faster growth in the use of the product. The population of both the old and young generation has increased tremendously hence promoting a tremendous growth of coffee demand. An estimation of coffee consumption amongst the teens between the ages of 13 to 18 rose from 23% in 2014 to 37% this year (Quintão & Brito, 2016).

Additionally, the people between the ages of 40-59 have shown a steady interest in coffee consumption with an increase from 53% to 64% being recorded (Quintão & Brito, 2016). Also, the supply of coffee increases due to a large population that has created an extensive market for the company’s products. Moreover, the supply and demand of coffee are affected by the nature of weather within the country. The demand and supply of coffee tend to rise during the times of cold weather. During cold weather, people purchase a lot of coffee to keep them warm. The coffee producing companies like Starbucks would eventually supply a lot of coffee drinks to the people within America and make many sales.

Graph of price against the quantity of coffee products

D Equilibrium point S


X2 X0

Price Y2 Y0





Quantity of Coffee products

DD- Demand Curve SS- Supply Curve X2X0- Equilibrium Point

Q1Q2- Quantity of Coffee produced P1P2-Price of Coffee products

The cost of production is a major factor which affects the consumption rate of coffee in the United States. The factories which produce coffee products in the United States have incurred some expenses such as labor, time, material cost as well as transportation cost which have affected the demand and supply of the product (Voigt, Buliga & Michl, 2017). For instance, when there is the increase in the cost of raw materials used in manufacturing the product, the price of the commodity will increase automatically. The increase in the price of the coffee product will cause an increase in the supply of the product and decrease in the demand for the product by the consumers.

American Coffee producing companies have regulated the cost of coffee production to increase the level of consumption rate of their products. The Statistics which was released by the Perfect Daily Grind stated that the rate of young people consuming the coffee product has risen from 57% to 62%, thus proving that the supply of coffee products have increased within the country (Voigt, Buliga & Michl, 2017). The coffee companies in the United States have to lower the cost of production to meet both the younger and the older generation preference taste in the product.

Technology is an essential equipment in coffee consumption rate in the United States. Increased rate of consumption of coffee products which are produced by coffee industries. Most producers in the United States supply their products to different regions actually over a short period due to the help of technology. United States coffee industries have employed the use of technology to increase the supply rate of coffee products in the country (Voigt, Buliga & Michl, 2017). Technology has made coffee consumption to increase within America as most of the products become processed and then delivered to the massive population.

Taste and preference of the coffee product play a significant role in the supply and demand rate in the United States. When more people purchase the coffee product, the coffee producing companies will be forced to increase the amount of the product. The American Coffee companies have initiated mechanisms such as rebranding of the product, self-delivery services and enhancing the quality of the content in the product, to ensure they meet the choice of consumers. Consumers of coffee product in the United States prefer to purchase a product of high quality which has desired preference and taste in the market.


Quintão, R. T., & Brito, E. P. Z. (2016). Connoisseurship Consumption and Market Evolution: An Instituional Theory Perspective on the Growth of Specialty Coffee Consumption in the USA. REMark, 15(1), 1.

Voigt, K. I., Buliga, O., & Michl, K. (2017). Globalizing Coffee Culture: The Case of Starbucks. In Business Model Pioneers (pp. 41-53). Springer International Publishing.

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