Why coffee is healthier than other beverages containing caffeine

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Caffeine consumption is considered healthier by medical professionals. Coffee is always considered healthier than other beverages with caffeine content like soft drinks from Cola Company due to its caffeine content and the form in which coffee is prepared. According to (Tucker, pg.12), consumption of coffee positively impact the households financially and health-wise. From the financial point of view, coffee is relatively cheaper than other caffeine content beverages like soft drinks while coffee is more beneficial than other beverages containing caffeine in them, for example, coffee does improve energy level in the body, burn out excess fats lower the contracting type 2 diabetes, lower risk of certain types of cancer, fights depression, lower risk of stroke in aged people, reduce risks of heart diseases are some of the benefits one can get from consuming coffee than other caffeine content beverages.

     The paper into details discuss the benefits derived from the consumption of the coffee by the households rather than using other products with caffeine contents in them like soft drinks, energy drinks from different companies like the famous Cola Company.

     Coffee is preferred being healthier than other beverages with caffeine content by the households following its caffeine content and natural way of its production which is very healthier than other beverages with caffeine content due to lack of additives like chemicals in production. The production method of coffee is done naturally by crushing the dried nuts into powder giving clean and healthier coffee for consumption. Due to its naturalness, coffee poses less side effects to the consumer as compared to other beverages of the caffeine content like energy drinks and soft drinks from various companies where preservatives are used to preserve the drinks for a longer time thus giving the drinks longer life before expiry and also the companies also add flavour to the drinks by use of other additives which to some extent are harmful for human consumption due their side effects.

     Due to low caffeine content in coffee, it has helped in the reduction in the risk of heart disease. When caffeine is consumed in large quantities it increases the rate of heartbeat where heart pumps blood at a high speed which to some extent it may cause bursting of the blood capillaries which act as the channel for blood to various organs and tissues in the body. As a result of this negative impact of the high amount of caffeine to the body, consumption of coffee is preferred to be healthier for consumption since its caffeine content is lower than other beverages containing caffeine like the energy drinks.

     Coffee can be used as a cure for some diseases like insomnia. This a body disorder where the only cure can be consumption of less caffeine in the diet. Coffee with its caffeine content is preferred for the treatment since other beverages contains large amount of caffeine which can only worsen the condition than curing and thus the reason why in most cases doctors will prescribe a cup of coffee daily to the patient suffering from insomnia for quick recovery and reduces the risk of contracting the illness. (McPherson and Pincus, pg. 213).

     Caffeine helps in burning the excess fats in the body. Coffee having caffeine content is preferred to other beverages of similar content as it's a purely produced naturally with no any fatty or chemical additives like other beverages thus it burns the fats in the body without impacting some side effects to the body. Most of the beverages like soft drinks has got fats content in them up to a certain percentage which is not recommendable by medical professionals when dealing with excess fats in the body as they will add some amount of fats into the body rather than burning down excess fats.

     Type 2 diabetes has become a challenge to most of the people since there is no specific cure for the disorder thus preventive measures like consumption of less amount of caffeine in one's diet is recommendable to aid in reducing the rate of contracting the disease. Consumption of beverages containing the small amount of caffeine like coffee should be included in the diet and that's why coffee is healthier than other beverages of similar content like energy drinks and chocolates.

     To the aged members of the households who are more exposed to stroke risks are advised to reduce the level of caffeine intake in their diets since it raises the insulin production in the body due to its stimulant nature. Coffee among the caffeine content beverages is preferred suitable and healthier to such group of households. Coffee also some extent increase the life expectancy on a person who consumes it daily due to its unique properties which make it healthier than other beverages with the caffeine content as it is naturally pure with no chemical additives which are the throughway for other illness in the body. It also reduces stress to aged members of the household thereby its mostly preferred to other beverages with caffeine content to healthier.

     Reasonable consumption of coffee in the diet tends to reduce depression and enhance your happiness due to its minimum stimulant nature and all season consumable thus not consumed depending on ecological conditions like soft drinks. This property makes coffee more preferable to most of the household than other beverages which are determined by weather condition, soft drinks like sodas are always consumed during the summer by many people whereas in times of winter coffee will be preferred healthier and better since it reduces depression rather than soft drinks which may add some health complications like flu in times of cold.

      Cancerous cells are activated by some levels of caffeine consumption in the diet. Beverages with high caffeine content when consumed regularly risk the consumer in developing such cancerous cell which actively divides causing growth in the body or cancer. According to the medical requirements in control of cancer, consumption of food or drinks with the high content of caffeine should be avoided as the excess amount of caffeine in the body activates abnormal rapid cell division which causes cancer thus coffee beverage should be taken due to its low-level content of caffeine which is healthier for consumption. (Lefkowitch, pg. 564).

     Coffee contains essential nutrients needed by the body which are lacking in other beverages containing caffeine. These nutrients are very important in body growth and development of body tissues and organs. The fibre as a nutrient contained in the coffee helps in the digestion process by easing the movement of food within the digestion track hence reduces the incidence of constipation. Such fibres lack in drinks like sodas and energy drinks and that gives the reason why coffee consumption is considered healthier and preferred to other beverages having caffeine contents.

     With the consumption of coffee, it will drastically improve one's physical performance due to its stimulating property. This is possible through consumption of caffeine in the small amount as the excess amount will depress the body performance contributing to its recommendations by the medical personnel over other beverages containing caffeine as such beverages` level of caffeine is always higher than the recommended amount hence coffee is healthier than other beverages containing caffeine.

     The sugar level in coffee is very minimal as compared to other related beverages with caffeine as is able to regulate the amount of sugar to use following his/ her health status. To other caffeine-containing drinks like sodas, sugar level is determined collectively at the company regardless of the individual consumer`s health status. To diabetes individuals in the households, sugar consumption level should be minimal and in most cases be avoided due to the high level of insulin produced by the body thus ready-made beverages  like sodas though they have caffeine content in them but are not healthier as coffee due to sugar content in them making coffee to be considered healthier.

     Coffee contains the antioxidant which is very essential in the diet. The antioxidant is a nutrient in the body which is contained in coffee as the only source. It lacks in most of the beverages with caffeine content due to their production methods which involve the use of some preservatives chemicals thus neutralizing the nutrient hence coffee is recommended healthier for consumption. (Vallerand, pg. 111).

     Coffee consumption is listed as the healthier among caffeine-containing beverages since its more its easily digested due to its fibre nutrient content thus releases energy within a short while after drinking as compared to other beverages like sodas which will take time during digestion because they lack fibre content in them to speed up the digestion process to give energy within a short while, therefore coffee will be preferred healthier when instant energy is needed by the body.

      Presence of some compounds in roasted coffee like phenylindanes which are found in the brains of the patients suffering from Alzheimer's hence it helps to reduce the chance of one being affected by Alzheimer's in future due to such compounds in the coffee which are not present in the manufactured drinks like energy drinks and sodas. (Free, pg. 345).


Coffee is healthier than other beverages with caffeine contents following the above arguments are given in the paper. According to its health benefits to patients, coffee has been on high demand than other beverages containing caffeine as it has less caffeine content which makes it more desirable by the households.

     Less caffeine content coffee has made it more useful in the field of medicine has it can be used as a cure to some of the common illness and as a preventive measure to such illness and body disorders.

     From the arguments posted earlier in the context, coffee has been branded healthier caffeine-containing beverage among other beverages with similar content due to the level of caffeine it contains which is recommendable by medical practitioners globally as it has no side effects to the body on its consumption as opposed to similar other beverages which their consumptions are limited by one's health status.



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