Opening Your New Dunkin Donuts Locations

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Dunkin Donuts Franchising

Dunkin Donuts is a firm established in the United States that was founded in 1950 and began franchising in 1955. It operates over a thousand restaurants in thirty-six countries throughout the world. Donuts, hot beverages, and coffee are among the items available. Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars is the minimum amount of capital required to operate as a franchise. Managers are in charge of guiding and managing staff to guarantee that shareholders obtain a return on their investment. They are also in charge of creating a pleasant working atmosphere for their staff (Worren 43). As a district manager of five locations, I will have a duty to perform multiple tasks to ensure growth and efficiency of operations.

Job Design

Employees face a lot of challenges in the work environment. Most of the problems lower the morale of the workers, and it decreases their performance and productivity thus reducing the performance of the organization. Job design is an essential part of human resource as it aids in the formulation of strategies that will reduce the employee's problems through encouragement and give them a work environment that offers them satisfaction (Worren 57). As the manager of the five restaurants, I intend to use a variety of techniques in job design to ensure the business generates the maximum output with the available resources.

Job rotation.

It is an essential factor in job design as it allows the workers to develop multiple skills at work. In the Dunkin Donuts, for instance, they can learn to take orders, serve customers schedule bills and for those interested can acquire skills in baking. Rotation avoids monotony at work as a result of doing tasks that are repetitive. It gives the supervisor a chance to audit the work previously done by an individual to determine the efficiency and accuracy (Worren 46). Through rotation, one can identify the areas where individuals have the most potential to maximize on them to generate a maximum output.

Motivational work design.

Employees in an organization need to feel appreciated for the little achievements they make. As the manager, I will introduce a reward system that acknowledges any effort made by an individual to increase the sales and profitability. Those who are efficient in serving clients will get bonus rewards for the extra input. Since employees deal with customers, they have a chance of attracting clients to the business by offering excellent services (Zgrzywa-Ziemak 99). Rewarding them will improve their attitude towards work hence increase the profits in the long run.

Organizational Design

The objective of the organizational design is to identify areas that have a weakness with the flow of work and realign them to fit the flow of work. As a manager, I will implement systems that will meet the current needs of the business and ensure they comply with the goals and objectives. In formulating the design of the organization, I will take into consideration the people and the systems as they are responsible for the generation of income.

The organizational design will improve the customer service.

In the hospitality industry customers are crucial as they are responsible for the creation of revenue. If the clients are satisfied with the services, they will buy more goods from the firm; they may also attract new customers through referrals who will aid in the growth and expansion of the business. Technology plays a crucial role in the spread of information if a buyer, for example, does not receive adequate services as expected- they may express their opinions in social media. A negative reaction may change the perceptions of people to the business, and it may have adverse long-term implications, for instance, a decline in sales often caused by a bad reputation (Worren 56). The objective of the firm is to increase profits and through offering excellent services, the business can achieve high profitability.

Reduce operating costs.

Operating expenses often lessen the amount of working capital in a firm. Part of the design is to minimize the costs by increasing efficiency in production. A reduction of expenses will increase the liquidity position of the enterprise and reduce the anxiety that arises, for instance, when there is a need for cash purchases, and the organization has insufficient capital (Zgrzywa-Ziemak 110). It will ensure all transactions run smoothly avoiding any delays that may have an adverse impact on the performance of the business.

Recruiting and Selection

The procedures for recruitment are essential as they determine the type of employees the organization will have and the kind of services they will give. In hiring, I will ensure the candidates are treated fairly without discrimination. Those who will be responsible for the selection will not participate in the recruitment process to promote transparency of the procedure. Most hiring processes are often biased, and sometimes corruption allows those who do not possess the most skills to be in office compared to those who have got a qualification. The selection will be based on the individual ability to perform the roles, for instance, those with prior work experience from a similar industry are likely to perform and adapt first compared with the rest (Worren 76). Academic qualifications are also relevant primarily functions that require specialization such as accounting and information technology.

The positions will be advertised on the company website.

Candidates will be required to apply for the advertised positions to qualify for shortlisting. They will then be called for an interview where they are given an opportunity to demonstrate their skills. The process will be fair, and those with the highest potential will be given a chance to work for the firm as they stand a chance of performing well and increasing the profitability that will aid in the growth of the business. The new employees will be given a probation period of three months where they are extensively monitored on their ability to handle the assigned tasks over a period. Factors such as adaptability and ability to learn will be crucial when determining the area that will fit their lines of specialization.

Training and Performance Appraisals

Training of workers is a necessity in the conduct of business activities. The business environment is changing, and some functions become obsolete. They, therefore, require amendments and modifications that are vital for survival. Technology changes are frequent, and employees must be trained continuously to render services and produce quality goods similar to that of competitors. Continuous training of employees will be part of my program to ensure ongoing performance and generation of revenue for the institution.

Regular coaching sessions will be applicable for the firm, for instance, through updating the current employees about the changes and adjustments they need to prepare them for the new tasks. Training through orientation programs will also offer guidance to the new employees by educating them about the company the mission, goals and objectives. When employees know what the company wants to achieve, it becomes their driving force and they are likely to meet the goals over a short period (Montana and Charnov 21). Training programs also motivate the employees as they feel recognized and empowered, a factor that will increase their productivity at work.

Performance appraisal

Performance appraisals are relevant when it comes to analyzing the dedication of the employees and their competency. People have different potentials, and performance evaluation is essential when determining those who deserve rewards such as job promotions. They also identify the individuals who are worth to spend the resources of the company by training them without incurring losses. Through appraisal, one can determine the area where individuals have the most potential and where it is crucial to maximizing to yield results with maximum output (Worren 83). As a manager, I will use the appraisal to determine the areas that the personnel is well trained and those that need adjustments for improvement.


The type of management reflects the future position of the business. It determines the type of employees the organization will have and the kind of attitude and behavior they will have at work. As a manager, one should formulate strategies such as employee training and appraisal programs that will increase productivity and also revenue generation. In the recruitment procedures, they should ensure the process is fair to attract the best candidates who will offer excellent services that will increase the number of customers who will consequently increase the income that is responsible for the expansion and growth of the business.

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June 06, 2023

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