Ethical Dilemmas In The Workplace

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Yes, the theory x executives are still available in the present day organizations. Based on the theory x, the employees are lazy and are mainly concerned about the monetary benefits that are offered at the workplace. The employees must be constantly supervised to make sure they are performing their tasks as required. Some of the managers in the modern workplace believe that constant supervision will enable the employees to produce optimal results. Based on theory Y the managers or leader believe that employees are ambitious, self-motivated, and enjoy their physical and emotional duties (Alipour, Mohammed & Martinez, 2017). The leaders in this category are of the opinion that there is no need to offer constant supervision. Not all the employees in the workplace will enjoy the tasks that are assigned to them meaning managers must always resort to other methods such as using threats to ensure they produce optimal results (Gopnik, 2011).

Describe Either A Theory X or Theory Y Manager You Have Worked For

I had a theory X manager in my previous workstation. The manager relied on threats to make sure everyone followed all that he said. The manager hardly delegated tasks and in many cases, the junior employees who failed to perform various tasks were either suspended or faced salary cuts. The manager relied on constant supervision to ensure that all the employees were moving towards the same direction.

Do You Believe If You Use Ethical Behavior It Will Pay Off In The Long Run? Why?

Yes, the use of ethical behavior has numerous rewards in the long term. There is a direct relationship between harboring ethical behavior and being an effective leader. Remaining ethically all the time has numerous benefits in the long run. The companies rely on the ethical models to ensure that managers and employees observe the business rule. The long-term rewards of such companies are usually reduced scandals and increased productivity. The benefits of the ethical behavior might never be felt in the medium term. At an employee’s level, behaving ethically can enable one to rise through various ranks till they reach the topmost level. The current employee's ethical behavior can be evaluated in the future to determine whether they are worth the promotion or not.

Can Ethics Be Taught And Learned? Explain Your Answer

Yes, ethics can be learned and taught. The ethics can be described as a collection of the moral principles. The moral values tend to lead a person to behave in a particular manner. The guardians or the parent are in better positions to teach their children the best ethical behavior. In certain circumstances, a child can inherit their values from the society and the family. There are numerous programs and courses that are used to teach moral values and ethics. Ethical behavior can be taught at any stage in life. The ethics can be taught as long as the recipients are open-minded and willing to learn.

Describe The Ethical Situation In Your Career. What Was The Outcome?

Two years ago I faced an ethical dilemma at my former workplace. Some information can light that the human resource manager had used improper hiring evaluation practices to recruit one of my colleagues. The new employee requested me not to tell anyone about it, yet there was a clear violation of the company’s hiring practices. I was forced to inform the manager to intervene in the matter. The manager handled the matter based on the company’s policies.


Alipour, K., Mohammed, S., & Martinez, P. (2017). Incorporating temporality into implicit leadership and followership theories: Exploring inconsistencies between time-based expectations and actual behaviors. The Leadership Quarterly, 28(2), 300-316. doi: 10.1016/j.leaqua.2016.11.006

Gopnik, A. (2011). The Theory Theory 2.0: Probabilistic Models and Cognitive Development. Child Development Perspectives, 5(3), 161-163. doi: 10.1111/j.1750-8606.2011.00179.x

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