Ethical Issues in the Case Study

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The case study is about Chimerix, a biotechnology company's CEO Kenneth Moth who was determined to invent antiviral medication. The company faces public harassment because they deny the discharge of the uncertified drug to a patient. Kenneth, the company's CEO, receives numerous messages and phone calls some being even death warrants. In that regard, the paper describes stakeholders and ethical issues in the case study.

Analysis of the Stakeholders

Stakeholders are entities that are affected by institution actions directly or indirectly such as employees, patients, and investors. Kenneth, Chimerix, and Josh Hardy, the patient, were the stakeholders in the case. The company is in a dilemma whether to save a life or make an assumption. Kenneth Moch represents the company's image, and the bizarre issue puts his job at stake. However, the company violates the ethical conduct to the public at large. They display a terrible image to their organization, which can lead to the reduction of investors. The CEO decides to retain the job position while disappointing the public.

Generally, the company should come up with a plan on how best it can associate with the public for peaceful coexistence. It is evident that Moth fears to risk his job at the expense of rescuing the life of the little child. On the other hand, Josh's family was hopeful that Kenneth would approve the deal to save their son as a way of showing regard to the family. Additionally, in the process, social media helped in offering the necessary support that was essential in empowering and motivating the family to remain hopeful in life. Besides, the motivation was to help the family learn better ways to overcome the several challenges in their life. Unfortunately, their sons' death was because of the company's failure to release the medication right on time. They were to blame the company's CEO for their sons' demise as he selfishly refused to sign the contract that the family needed.


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