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Every American should have the right to personal autonomy

but they shouldn't abuse it to restrict the freedoms and rights of others, or even the entire country. Although the US government should restrict citizens' personal freedoms, these restrictions shouldn't be so severe that anything they say is unlawful. The government's passage of the Espionage and Seditions Act during World War I marked the beginning of the restriction of individual freedoms. The two laws enacted between 1917 and 1918 were in the best interests of the country because the public's perception of Americans' participation in World War I would have an impact on their advancement and success. Conversely, the government should also not take extreme actions against its own people to punish and execute them for what they say if it is for their good since they are exercising their personal liberty.

The Internment of Japanese Americans during WWII

was one of the most deliberate defilements of individual freedom. The government relocated more than 120,000 American-Japanese citizens from West Coast to intern camps. Additionally, the government acceptance of McCarthy ethos known as the McCarthyism significantly impacted on the personal liberties of every American who thought of Communism as one way to helping a society of poor citizens. The McCarthyism allowed the execution of those who the state found spreading and speaking about communism; this was against human rights. However, if the government has to keep its secrets about their operations from the citizens, they should adopt the strategy used by the Department of Defense. The Department of Defense was keeping its secret about their involvement in the Vietnam War in some secret documents labeled the "Pentagon Papers".

Consequently, I do not agree with all the national security arguments

made in an attempt to maintain peace by occasionally infringing the personal liberties. The lesson learned from this unit is that the government overstepped the human rights and freedom in the early 1990s claiming to protect the interest of the people. However, I believe the government involvements in restricting people from using their personal liberties cannot apply in the 21st century. The current Americans are enlightened, and know their rights and freedom well that the same arguments and policies implemented in the 1990s will never work out for the government in this age.


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July 07, 2023

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