Executive MBA at Boston University

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The opportunity to study at Boston University

The opportunity to study at Boston University will offer me a platform to share my experience, unique talents and perspectives with my colleagues together with the faculty team during the period of the course. Working for more than thirteen years or fortune 100 companies like American Express, Microsoft, Walgreens, General Electric and TJX has offered me the valuable exposure to experience how the information security industry has evolved over the years. The perspectives that I have gained have emerged from the opportunities and challenges by working with teams, leading different departments, deploying projects and even conducting various types of security training sessions within these organisations. As a result, I believe the best practices, industry knowledge and the methodologies which I have learnt through the years will help my colleagues a lot especially during the lectures, class discussions, group discussions or when handling coursework projects. Moreover, I have had the opportunity to build high-performance information security teams especially at Tata Consultancy services that are cognizant of the current security emerging issues, threats and attacks that the companies face. Hence, the opportunity at Boston University will give me a chance to share the knowledge of developing teams and how it can be contextualised through different course modules and later on applied in various organisations.

My long-term career goal and objective

My long-term career goal and objective is to become the vice-president in charge of Information and Cybersecurity at my current organisation. The successful completion of the Executive MBA program will make me the suitable candidate for the role and increase my chances of attaining the position. Moreover, as a leader in the corporate world, there is still room for me to sharpen my leadership skills as I develop the capacity of the other leaders. The Executive MBA program offers a very robust and comprehensive leadership development process which will refine my skills and increase my knowledge of the best leadership practices in the corporate world. Moreover, admission to the program will give me the opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds. The interactions with them will positively challenge my depth and breadth of thinking and refine my ideas as well as improve my thought process. The course content of the Executive MBA is also very extensive, and the knowledge and experience that I am about to gain is a crucial motivator for me to join the program.

Currently, the role that I hold

Currently, the role that I hold requires a lot of core competencies in strategy formulation, financial analysis and business acumen skills. Moreover, I lead a team of managers and information security engineers who need a lot of guidance and mentorship as they go through their career path. Therefore, the 22 months through the Executive MBA course will sharpen my leadership skills, equip me with a strategic approach to my current roles and gain the intermediate financial knowledge sufficient to excel at my position. Moreover, as a leader who is looking to grow, instruction on how to understand and manage people will help me develop to be a better leader, boost my confidence and improve my interactions with my supervisors. Furthermore, as an overseer of many projects, the course will increase my project management skills which will be very useful in ensuring that I deliver quality projects within the organisation. Above all, I expect that the experience through the program will enable me to offer unique strategies to the organisation to ensure that we are successful in curbing any form of threats or attacks.

I have a firm conviction

I have a firm conviction that I am at a point in my career where I need to scale to the executive management position, and hence the Executive MBA course will give me the cutting edge to move to the next phase of my career. Moreover, after an analysis of my key strengths and areas which need improvement, I realised that there is a need for me to actively develop my leadership skills and revolutionise my thinking to develop a more analytical and strategic approach to the problems the organisation is facing. Furthermore, I believe that I am currently getting the right kind of support both from my family and my superiors and colleagues at the workplace hence it is the right time for me to pursue the course and I believe my credentials, experiences and expectations are a perfect fit for the program.

January 19, 2024

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